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    Sweet, thanks for your point by point comments. Some of these may already be resolved, let me address them one by one. 1. The destroyed building is a little low-poly, yeah, and it certainly is rather unrealistic. I'm still not completely sure what I'm doing with this, it might be changed due to recent progression in the style of the map (post-beta 3). But if I keep it I'll certainly do some more destruction in the area. :) 2. Ah, yes, this is a result of the way I used ambient sound (one low loop of city noise that you hear no matter where you are). I've already begun setting up some new soundscape systems so areas will be more varied and interesting audibly, and there will no longer be just one constant bit of activity. 3. I already did some HDR tweaking, but yes, I'd like to add more contrast. :) I just want to be careful not to make anything too bright or dark, or too big of a difference between areas, because then players get annoyed and feel that the HDR impacts their gameplay negatively. But I already did some work in this department before you mentioned it, there's a wider range of exposures that HDR users can see and it's a noticeable change. :) Still tweaking! 4. This is a good idea. I think you mean the solid white-ish concrete behind the 1532 building just as placeholder, and yes, this will definitely be changed somehow. I just needed to stick something there so it wasn't blackness or the skybox. Stay tuned. :) So yes, I've already done some really MAJOR work that should help out a lot with gameplay and bring it all together a lot more. I'll let you know when I've got some pictures of the recent work. :)
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    Thanks a lot for your dm_residential_b3 comments! The pile of garbage is intended to be stuck there, so it blocks off the staircase - there's nothing else up there. :) I could maybe come up with a better way to block this off. The lighting, you're right, is a little off and I'll try and get that corrected. The shadows indoors, no problem, I can do that too. The FPS i'm looking into, it runs great for me and my beta testers, but I did get a complaint from someone with a slower system last night so I'll be looking into it. Thanks so much for your thoughts! They should all make it into the final. :) If you have any more, hit me up!
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    My original post on fat66 forums: . Cant tell you how often it actually appears cos mapcycles there are rather complicated and there is a new one for each day or so. But according to XLstatsX ( - 2150 frags last 28 days, which is not bad :-). IP The map is really good.
    What-eva…I do what I want!
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    How often does the fat66 server have instant up, I kinda wana see how it plays with a lot of people. Thanks for putting it on there also. Also what's the IP.
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    just realized motto was christ


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