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  • 6y
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    I finished my map, and renamed it from gg_terroristvillage gg_terroristvalley. It's much improved!
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    yes i can add 30players to map Newarehouse, if you want to?
  • 6y
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    Thanks for the comment!

    I hope your players can enjoy it on rotation for a long time =)
    Life Is Good
  • 6y
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    Hi !
    Thank you for the comment on my map but what does mean "non-underground" version ?
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  • 7y
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    Okay I will make a Gun Game version without weapons for you. What kind of rocks do you want/mean?

    Post your answer on my profile page so I will see it faster and so we can work out the details.
    Env. Artist / Level Designer
  • 7y
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    Hey, did you try my gg sunken ruins map?

    I'm just curious, because when I run it it looks alot brighter then the screenshots, so I wasnt sure if it was actually dark when you ran it or if you were going by screenshots. I would just like to know, so could make it brighter if needed.

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  • 7y
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    Thanks for comment and rate! can you please send me your server ip? ill be really glad to see my map online!
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  • 7y
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    I have now packed the map

    Thank you very much for telling me about it :)
  • 7y
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    So sorry about that, been away for a few days and i realized i was retarded enough not to switch the spawns from ct to t when i copied them to the other side

    Thank you for actually Downloading the map to check

    Should be fixed in a few minutes
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    Criticism makes my maps better
  • 7y
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    Thank you so much for the comment =)

    i really like doing GG_ maps, because they are small... so I can made a nice Design and nice Gameplay ^^

    ty again for the comment and rate :P
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