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    Hey, you're actually looking at my page... well, if you're wondering if you can include one of my sm4sh stage mods in your modpack, here's a general rule of thumb:

    If its something that uses assets previously in the game, but just rearranged, you can use it as long as you credit me for it.

    However, if its a stage using new or ported assets, then it gets a bit tricky; I'll mostly likely have more specific rules on using them in the submission itself, but the main thing for me is that (generally speaking) the stages may be in your modpack so long as your pack is not merely a stage/stage and ui modpack (this is because then it would sorta compete with my own modpack, which I wouldn't be a fan of). If you, however, include it in a modpack with, say, character mods, balance changes, etc., then you should be good (of course, still credit me).

    Thats about it; if you're confused, feel free to pm me.
    Mains: SSBM Sheik, SSB4 Ness tracking pixel