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Finding Myself
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1y @ Home > Super Smash Bros. for Wii U > Skins > Cloud > Ultradimension Black Heart


Obviously, it's Black Heart/Noire from Hyperdimension Neptunia if u haven't seen my mods. I also happen to really love Sky Raker from Accel World as much as Black Heart so both of them.
Profile Waifu/Guardian Notice
For some reason, I am locked out of my profile waifu & I can't edit nor access her and she doesn't appear here on my main account. So if you're interested:
Kit Kat or Snickers
Kit Kat
Gamer type
First Game ever played
Final Fantasy VII (FFVII)
United States
Favorite Game Genre
Favorite TV Series
Anime, nothing else
Most proud of
I'm a weeb and I'm proud... If you want a more serious answer, I'm proud of making mods that people enjoy that gets featured on Gamebanana. My mods wouldn't be featured without you guys, Thank you.
First Language
English/Cantonese (Yeah I'm just one of those Typical Tall Lonely Asians) Kinda wish i can understand Japanese fluently as well ;w;
Well... my waifu is a goddess/CPU so can I say I believe in her?
Triggered over people also having your waifu?
Well if every weeb was triggered from people also having their waifu, we would have weeb flame wars everyday heh. But for me, it's no. Everyone is free to love whichever waifu they cherish.
Who do you main in Smash?
I like playing Clou- I mean my waifu Black Heart in smash Bros. I also play Dark pi- I mean Tiara as well. I also like playing Shulk.

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