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    Posted by The Royalist

    Who the fuck are you? I saw you keep on stamping people post with negative stamps like an asshole.
    I haven't used GameBanana since April

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    Who the fuck are you? I saw you keep on stamping people post with negative stamps like an asshole.
    Fight the Horde
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    I'm a big bubble blowing baby.
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    Hey there.

    This is a reminder to please refrain from stamp spamming, as it is not allowed. Doing so will usually lead to being gagged from using the stamps feature (as is the case now, since I've had to gag you from using stamps). I would also advise not throwing a fit over your spray submission being flagged by others and trying to make your own assumptions for why it wouldn't be allowed by mocking the site rules; the rules are the rules, whether you agree with them or not, and they must be followed. If you have an issue with site or section rules, feel free to contact an admin and discuss the rules with them until you have a proper understanding of them.

    Have a nice day.

    Rev up those G-Diffusers.
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    To get this straight - sprays and other content people would find arousing are not flagged because they technically don't break the rules.

    But posting a spray containing low detail nudity gets flagged, even though it wasn't meant to be pornograhpic or sexual in any way.

    Gamebanana, double standards since 2001. :D
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    Yes I'm mad.
    I just want to share a spray and this is the only site I know of.
    VTFedit's being a bitch and won't work properly so I can't edit the spray to be appropriate.
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    Oh sure, a sexy spray is okay as long as the characters have clothes and isn't explicit sex.

    But a simple shade of color is bad. Boo fucking hoo, grow up.
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    Spray Rules: No Pornography or Nudity
    For legal reasons they say.
    "We want ads from Google" is what they mean.
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