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    Hey there.

    This is a reminder to stop making garbage news articles just for your own amusement. The news section is meant to be used for actual news that's relevant to this site, not for users to just play around and make shitposts with. This is the second time you've posted a fake news article without any actual news, so I highly advise that you refrain from doing so any further. This isn't 9gag/funnyjunk/memecenter/some other joke site for people to shitpost on, so please refrain from doing so.

    Have a nice day.

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    Migraines for days.
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    What's up bro?

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    Don't fly with that copter 


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    Good day, the moderation team was disussing wheter we should trash your damn daniel and durr plant sprays as they are just generic images, but I decided I will let em pass, for now. 

    Just do not spam things that take so little to make.

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