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Banned: Over the course of the past few days, the user has shown no signs of will to behave properly. After abusing certain site features and after those features got confiscated, the user started spamming the site staff as well as site members with unnecessarily low revenge ratings, stamps and link that he was told not to post, all of that because of an unlock. No signs of listening to fellow site members and / or friendly moderator warnings as well as continuous breaking of site rules (such as multiple account creation with rude PMs)resulted in the account being banned.

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    oh may gawd csgo c4 original
  • 2y
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    Rating and subs is all i care about, if you want to see it you know what to do. Thanks!
    poppin' pillies
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    Hello there!

    Please stop re-adding a submission that has been trashed twice already. Changing 3-5 commands is hardly even a config, much less worth of being a submission.

    With respect,


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    The Deadviper
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