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    FYI ... that 8 year old comment of mine you've just stamped with, dumb, disagree, rude and wtf?! was made when the site rules concerning porting where drastically different as well as the enforcement.

    I have to know, because I was the head sounds moderator and part of the site's staff from October 2012 till March 2017. Between having posted that comment and now I was actually the guy running the sounds section.

    Considering the time frame, this comment of mine is 100% accurate. I've actually trashed that submission while I was a moderator, though it seems that natko untrashed it 4 years ago and fixed the credits at least to some extend.

    Calling people dumb and wtf on em' without knowing the context isn't exactly nice.

    Times have certainly changed and it doesn't hold up to the current standard, but that doesn't change that you took it out of context.

    Fine ... be an asshole.
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