Download : dantesinferno_upperhell_v1_0

A Map for Aliens versus Predator 2

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    • DI.REZ
    • DantesInferno_UpperHell_v1-0.txt

Installation Instructions

Submitter's Instructions:

Make sure AvP2 is updated to the latest version, which is currently:

Place the di.rez file in your 'c:\AliensVsPredator2' folder.

Start the game; and in the Game Launcher's Main Menu select 'Options'.

Enter (copy & paste, if you like) into the 'Command-Line' field: -rez di.rez

Check the box marked "Always specify these command-line parameters" to always load the map.

Return to the Game Launcher's Main Menu and select: 'Play'. The game will then start with new map components loaded.

By downloading you agree to the submitter's license.

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