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Download : Forgotten Bunker 2

A Map for Half-Life

  • 2d old 33 DLs 3 mb
  • 2d old 7 DLs 935 kb

Archive Contents

  • Contains 17 files & 5 directories Raw file list
    • Mandatory Readme.txt
    • screenshots/
      • The Briefing Room.jpg
      • The Dormitory.jpg
      • The Engine Room.jpg
      • The Entrance.jpg
      • The Gym.jpg
      • The High-Impact Zone.jpg
      • The Kitchen.jpg
      • The Main Room.jpg
      • The Presidential Suite.jpg
      • The Situation Room.jpg
      • Title 2.jpg
      • Title.jpg
    • valve/
      • maps/
        • forgottenbunker2.bsp
        • forgottenbunker2.res
      • sound/
        • misc/
          • numanuma.wav
          • trolllaugh.wav
  • Contains 6 files & 0 directories Raw file list
    • J.A.C.K. Compile Configuration.jpg
    • Mandatory Readme.txt
    • compile.bat
    • compile_relay.bat
    • forgottenbunker2.jmf
    • forgottenbunker2.wad

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Installation Instructions

Submitter's Instructions:

1-Merge the content of the "valve" folder into your installation's "valve" folder. (E.g.: C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Half-Life\valve).

2-VERY IMPORTANT: To see monsters in multiplayer, add this config 


to server.cfg in the case of a dedicated server
otherwise in listenserver.cfg.

If this step isn't done, there won't be any monsters in the game and it'll dramatically impact gameplay.

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