Download : de_CompoundAmbush

A Map for Counter-Strike: Global Offensive

Archive Contents

  • de_compoundambush_4.rar Contains 7 files & 3 directories Raw file list
    • Install.txt
    • maps/
      • de_CompoundAmbush.bsp
      • de_CompoundAmbush.kv
      • de_CompoundAmbush.txt
      • de_compoundambush.nav
    • resource/
      • overviews/
        • de_CompoundAmbush.txt

Installation Instructions

Submitter's Instructions:

Unrar the download RAR and copy the files in it's respective folders.

If you do not wish to copy over the 'particles_manifest' and replace what you have, just add the following line before the '}':

"file" "particles/compoundambush.pcf"

By downloading you agree to the submitter's license.

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