• 20minby one. username
    hey bro, tried s1 just, can't talk about gameplay, gonna do it (edit)

    I lov ethe design tho, is it possible to use it ?
  • 25minby one. username
    I finally played ur map and here my comment.


    - Decent on auto. I liked the time when u go in air and u can skip while jumping on a high block. It's great because it adds rythm and make the route less linear.
    I like the blank wall personnaly, it looks clean and can reflect lights better


    I feel like sometimes you just spammed block everywhere in 64 and 120 units ?
    I don't like the skybox tho, it doesnt fit.
    You could add some decals or stuffs to make it less empty.
    Even pillars or buildings would make it look better. Idk, it looks so empty.
    Maybe some falling times or even climbing time would make the map more dymanic and enjoyable to route.

    For lights, i think you could use some neons like this : https://gamebanana.com/maps/64520
    and add a pink color in lightrad.
    I think you did this theme correctly but a bit more time spent on creating and designing can only make ur maps better.

    See ya soon :)
  • 36minby Mann-Nova in
    Sunset Shore
    So far I haven't gotten a chance to test it. I'll get back to you ASAP on it when I can though.
  • Looks pretty dope. Never really seen a map like this before. Just from the video alone, I can tell this will be a very fun map to route :)
    Looks very well done and properly made. Props to you my good sir.
  • any servers running this 24/7?
  • Problems with the map:
    -It's too small.
    -There's no cover besides 2 walls.
    -No proper lighting.

    But as a first map it's really good that you tried placing a breakable entity on the map, good for starting to learn entites. For your future maps i can recommend you drawing a plan/layout of your map and designing it on a piece of paper and when you're happy with it, start creating it in hammer editor.
  • Hello,i like your minigame with platforms,can i use it in my map if you be in authors?
  • 12hrby Sneaky.amxx username
    Looks good and glad to see people using CD5SSMFFAN's skyboxes they really motivate me to want to make some maps again
  • Useful to note that if a player dodges at the very left most part if the stage, they will just fall off, opposed to just hanging off like they do at the rightmost part of the stage. Also, at some points when recovering back onto the left side of the stage, you may glitch right through the wall texture and fall to your death. Otherwise very good design.
  • 18hrby ArifKiMi in
    1.bot sometimes stop after the bomb planted especially CT's 2.and bot get stuck to some places like the stairs at bombsite A/B.can you fix it?pls
  • 20hrby Sivarg in
    Hello! I played this map like many others years ago on some custom map servers and I've never forgotten it since! I am a small youtuber who does videos on player made content like maps as an example. I finally got around to making a video of this very map! Here's a link of the video for those who are interested:

    I can only recommend this classic map for Tf2 custom map lovers! As to the map creator and redistributor, thank you for making the map and thanks for re-uploading this gem of a map!
  • Hello, I have something to ask, 
    (If you remember) what are the folders that i need to include in sm4sh explorer to delete the Day-Night cycles please ? (I would love to have the normal battlefield constantly at daytime :p) 
  • I can't seem to download the correct edition of the files. I'm trying to download the Mario Galaxy Files, but I get the Temple files Instead
  • I've been having that issue for a while (even before making these). It seems that modifying the background sounds on WFS messes up the loop for every song. It's not just those nus3banks. I don't know why it does this tho.
  • 1dby Arman Ossi Loko username
    Arman Ossi Loko
    You can. That's why Non-English is an option to flag and the site rules forbid non-English content (with the exception for the forums and such).
  • Nice update! A lot has changed from alpha! Just nice!
  • Love the theme of this map! The surf flow is great as well, awesome layout!
  • it is actually
    le rip


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