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  • 8y
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    zimit Offline
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    Okay thanks for saying that guys i will try fix the bugs and the things you want :) thanks for commenting
  • 8y
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    Right , there is alot to fix on this map , its up to you if you want to go ahead and keep working on it to make it better but I have quickly made an assessment...

    - use lights on the celing maybe with a box showing where the lights comming from (a box light bulb to fit the theme)

    - maybe resize the ladder , its to large and is not really looking good , (make it normal sized , or have like 3 in a row)

    - most of your boxes glicth into something , move them so they do not colide with eachother , the textures are not fit properly on some boxes , fit them correctly would seem nicer , and much more clean looking.

    - change the sky box , its dull and boring and its default , go to map /map properties/skybox texture name (second row down) and deleat "italy" and type "militia_hdr" no quotes , it looks so much better than the default trust me.

    - the barriers are too high make them shorter so players are not shotting through it (also puts players off , there are bars in the way which can block line of sight)

    - dont have green or any other random colored lights , its pretty silly and looks off putting.

    - add a light_environment to make the map really pop with realism , and good shadows.

    - your able to fall out of the map , to stop this search for the texture "clip" and make walls all around the map , where you dont want them to go or fall off. or you could make a dev textured wall all around it , pretty high so they cant jump over. because it does not look right when theres no wall , and your just looking into the skybox at body height.

    - USE TOOLS/NODRAW ALWAYS! underneight your map is causing your maps fps to drop slightly , you DO NOT want this! ok? anywhere that you cannot see in game , make that face a nodraw texture. (texture application tool , select the texture you want , then right click on the face of the box or whatever that you cannot see in game) you will gain alot of fps.

    - Keep with the dev theme oly , no random other textures like brick , it doesnt look right.

    - the water texture looks a bit too colorful change if you want to something more dev like , there are loads of dev waters.

    -the door is way too big , try resizing it and giving it a dev texture door instead.

    - dont have props in dev maps , it looks silly (the van with the barrels in it)
  • 8y
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    Never mix a Dev/Dev_measure... map with normal textures or prop_static etc! its bad.
    i wont rate a texture map like this.
    ParadoxX Reincarnation


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