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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

A strategic arena map.

Hello this is my first serious release, its a big moment because i have a lot of inside WIP but i was starting to feel like duke nukem forever so i needed to release some work. Description: The main goal of this map is to create a new style of mapping, i want to include the player in the strategic play the map involves, not just make a run and gun arena but to choose the style of play that fits your personal startegy, and try to bring down the other players style of play involving the enviroment as well . Notice the starting position of each side has a style of control panel, with this the players can select their half of the arena they wish to play, theres also another panel with some different options on top on the ramps. The better way to get used to the button order is to get familiar with the map. Oh also i would like to know how do you like the kind of effect i achieved for the windows, i think its pretty unique. Please feel free to send me an email/PM/comment with personal opinions i will gladly answer them if i get some free time, and also try to make a lot more with your ideas. Expect some more releases soon... Installation notes in English and Spanish. Notas de instalacion en ingles y en Español.



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    Well well well. A seriously release. Glad to see one. I haven't downloaded the map and checked it out so no real assessment but I will just say it looks nice. It looks like there was a good bit of detail in this map and from seeing some of those inside WIP's I know this took a decent amount of time to do. Even though it is in dev (not that that is bad) you made good patterns and styles that fit the style of the map. Only thing I see wrong with just the screens is it looks like it will still be a run and gun sniper map but I haven't played it yet so I could be wrong. 8.5/10 for just screens. Gl Q. Hope this goes over well.
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Development Info

I used hammer PS CS3 For the render and Gmod9 for the other screens, the tutorials on this site and Moddb helped a lot. My vision is to create some new style of gameplay in gaming, its kind of boring to see the same out there hehe.
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