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Beta 2 of my map. Links at the bottom Updated: -fixes -more weapons -more zombies -better lighting -better architecture -custom sounds -some secrets Requirements: Admins and server owners make sure to set your max_netfilesize from 16 to over 40 cause my map is unzipped around 38 MB. Iam pretty sure most server will have this done already but just so you know if ppl cant get it from your server this is whats wrong. F1 Objective menu: Survivors' objectives: 1. Go down with the elevator and watch your head 2. Level 28, find a way to reroute power to the door with the red button next to it. 3. Youre not done with that keycard yet, use it on the next door and grab some molotovs while youre at it, on your own risk. 4. Finally the Skytram after all that danger but it has no power, go downstairs and find the 3 fuses to reactivate the generator and resupply power to the skytram. 5. Its almost over, survive the last room and run for the white light when the door opens. 6. you WIN. Zombie Master's objectives: 1. Use the ceiling traps and immolator to surprise survivors travelling down the elevator 2. Spawn zombies downstairs and set 2 immolator traps 3. Drop the platform when survivors are trying to take the molotovs and shower them with zombies before they can reconnect the power plug. 4. Use the wall and ceiling stompers to kill survivors. 5. Use the ball of death to make survivors indiana jones for their life. 6. Set traps in all 3 fuse rooms: remove the airhole in the water maze, set the spike in the spike maze and make the wind blow in the bridge room. 7. Spawn some zombies when all fuses are set. 8. The skytram will stop half way, now is the time to make William Birking waste them all. 9. The last room, make the walls close in and spam the crap out of the survivors. p.s. find the secret radio.



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