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A Map for Day of Defeat: Source

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A remake of the map dod_orange_arena. please let me know if you know who created the original dod_orange_arena!


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    access_time 3y
    It's a remake of orange arena which is an evolution of orange fight arena ;) .

    I made the missing minimap. You can find it in my mini map pack here :

    String Eastwood
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    cmbasnett Joined 10y ago
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    Just goes to show not all orange maps are garbage. My dod_kaust map was released as an orange map primarily for gameplay testing. Over a couple months I had completely redone the map, the same basic premise was there but of course it looked infinitely better. Very well done, lots of little details I notice, and I like it.
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  • dudeman avatar
    dudeman Joined 12y ago
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    Nicely executed. You've got a good eye for detail.
    Spread it on!
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  • Varadero avatar
    Varadero Joined 12y ago
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    Pros: It had to be done! The most played orange map diserved to be textured and you did it really well. Cons: Really small map... Improvements: ...maybe you could make a larger version.
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    Zakk username pic Joined 13y ago
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    access_time 11y
    Pros: The look and feel of the map is very realistic, the detail is awesome and i especially love the chimney smoke. I love that build quality of the map as well, everything fits well. I also love how you incorporate a game arena into the styles of the real world, very clever. Cons: Some parts look a tiny bit out of place, that would only be my concern, some ammo creates look weirdly place and also the building in the middle with the flag onto seems to lack some detail to fit in with everything else. Improvements: More texture around the buildings and use objects that slot into the feel of the map... Though these things are minor and i still love that map. Notes: Very good job, 100% better then anything i could come up with.
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    Community Liason
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  • nubblecakes avatar
    nubblecakes Joined 14y ago
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    Just shows how DEV maps can have serious potential. I think you should do this to some of the AIM Texture maps in CSS. The architecture in them is decent for the most part, but they have lots of potential like this map's original counterpart did. Great work man, it's well done.
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    Bobster Joined 11y ago
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    British and Proud
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    Logan Dougall avatar
    Logan Dougall
    Half Life Storm Flag
    Half Life Storm
    access_time 11y
    I really like that you too a rather bland orange map and changed it to a wonderfully detailed level design. Very well done. I really can't get over that the map used to look like this: what you've done with it is amazing, I like the shear number of props used in the map, they really add to the environment and gives it some funny quirks in spots, and by quirks I'm talking about how your planes are not quite flying straight but a bit sideways. One thing I was a bit disappointed in was the soundscape for the map, other than the planes flying overhead and flags blowing in the wind its a pretty quite map. Some more ambient noise throughout the map would be fun - perhaps through in a halftrack or jeep for extra cover near each sides respective spawn and add an engine sound? More distance sounds of battle etc just to immerse the player more into the game. Still, this is a really fun map to play, the layout is simple and straight forward and the middle cap is difficult as always to get with the single access up but a few grenades solves that problem quickly. There is still the small issue of an MG being able to hold down most of the map when placed just right - although the wall by the middle tower helps quite a bit - so perhaps some short interior hallways to skirt around the main area, a thought anyways so its not such a linear gameplay to the map. A simple mini-map image would have been nice to have even with this simple layout, still good to include. And I'm afraid I can't help you out with the name of the original author, I don't know that myself. Even if all you do is convert dev textured maps to realistic maps that still shows an amazing amount of skill and creativity, cause I know someones gonna bash you for not making your own maps. Keep it up, I look forward to some more designs from you.
    Structural Designer / Dad :)
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Key Authors
sorry that i couldnt find out the name
parts of the 3dskybox from sdk_dod_flash


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