A Map for Team Fortress 2

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A tropical rats map for Team Fortress 2!

Rats_Tequila Both Red and Blu team decided to take a break from all the fighting and go on a little vacation. Unfortunately they ended up at the exact same piece of paradise. Also, they're both really small for some reason. Objective: Your team must capture and hold all 4 control points to win the round. This is my entry for the FPSBanana rats mapping contest. The contest closes on Friday the 15th, so any feedback before that date would be great. I realize the stigma that most people hold towards rats map, but I did my best to balance it and provide a layout where each class has the chance to succeed. I havn't had much time to playtest, however, so once again feedback would be great. Sorry for the large file size, but there is a lot of custom content, and the map wouldn't be the same without it. Build time for this map is about 3 weeks of solid work. Map, textures and models by Dylan "Steaky" Loney Special thanks to Mr. White


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    kanone Joined 2y ago
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    love the map will put it on my server :)
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    This map would go great with PVKII! Just need permission to port this bad boy over.
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    Bob Hopeful Joined 9y ago
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    Steaky, PLEASE make an HL2DM version of this map!!!!
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    3QClan Owner/Operator
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  • kaikashira avatar
    kaikashira Joined 10y ago
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    First of all, this map is the most requested on our custom rotation so I just wanted to give you your due there. Pros: Unique design, multiple pathways to points, elevator system (beats going up and down on precision fridge vent hopping), interactive fish (works like a charm as a major distraction every time someone hits it) and hundreds of sniper/spy friendly spots. I dig the demo-friendly margarita glass bar that you can stickyjump to. Cons: Precision jumping is needed on the vents in the fridge - I think they could be a little more lenient in terms of making people get up to the next level as opposed to floating on the ceiling. Double jumping to get up on fruit outside of spawn is a major sniper trap - an alternate route that doesn't go through the fridge vents would be appreciated. Pockets of bottles against the wall occasionally 'trap' players - i usually noclip them out if they're stuck, but the bottles underneath the fish capture point are the most notorious for making folks get stuck. Fridgejumps to the top wooden center bar on each side work randomly - I can do it with any class but making it actually work all the time is sporadic - it usually rolls my character down to the next tier. Bottom of fridge fronts save you from the bar floor death, but there's no way to get back up. You can occasionally get stuck behind the melons in the fridges. I repeat earlier suggestions regarding a 'map' in spawn for the stage navigation - but honestly i found it a lot more fun to try and figure it out. I don't know if it was intentional or not, but you can hide behind the slushie machine's signs in back and not be seen in the front at all - a super scary sniper point. All in all it's rather unfriendly towards engineers since most places their buildings would go up are in easy to hit hallways or on spots that have bottles or vents partially blocking their firing range. Side note to earlier posters: you *can* get on top of the fish, you just have to multiple rocket jump or stickyjump to get up there. ~Kai
    Angry Engy Biddy
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  • Guncr@ker avatar
    Guncr@ker Joined 10y ago
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    Pros: Nice style, great lightning and ggrreeatt feeling! Couldnt make it better ^^ So good job Cons: In my opinion it could be a bit lame because the map is at all a bit small and you meet an enemy every second so.. y but I think for a few rounds it is great fun! Improvements: Make the map a bit bigger :P Notes: Great skybox ^^
    Mappingnerd  avatar
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  • Zalaxy avatar
    Zalaxy Joined 11y ago
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    Pros: Great Custom Map, One of the best out there(in terms of content), Very cool Models, Awesome Unique Ideas Cons: Layout is difficult to understand. So many bright colors finding the points is only the first difficulty. The second one is getting to the points as pyro and other classes. I could see a few points but when I would go and explore..boom headshot or boom scout. A few times I walked right past the middle point without even noticing...Hell I still don't know how to get to it..Just where it's at. Vent's are extremely problem-matic. File Size. File Name. Improvements: Remove the ending 0 on the map name. No need for it and sometimes it plays silly when trying to write the name some players get it confused. 0 and O. File Size...I guess I can't complain :/...You choose the complete custom map route for you're map..For those area's I gave you 10...For fun I evened it out... Notes: I guess I can't complain :/...You choose the complete custom map route for you're map..For those area's I gave you 10...For fun I evened it out... But Seriously...This map will never be an actual fun rotation map in my eyes. Maybe on some elite few custom map servers. I dunno...I think this map was just waaaay tooo liberal. I guess the competition would have been specific on what they were looking to rate. :(
    Cogito Ergo Sum
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  • I have played the map several times on our server and would like to post some feedback. First off, I love the styling. Great job! Well Lit, and pushing people off the bar onto the floor (to their doom) is amazing! I would recommend several things though. First, I think that ramps front he stools to the bar would be a great addition. I also would love to see a capture order to the points. Since you can capture any point at any time the battle between Blue and Red seems to be rare. I think that if the point behind the bottles and the point behind the machine had to both be captured before the points above the coolers could be that would give the map a lot more action and would bring the front to the middle of the map. The only other recommendation I can give is that it is easy to get stuck on the fans in the ice box. it would be nice if you either made the holes bigger of forced the user to be in the middle of the fan for it to work. I was killed many times drying to make it up the hole and getting stuck on the ceiling. By the way, the Skybox is amazing!!! Great Job there! Feel free to contact me if you would like any additional feedback or photos of what I am talking about. Thanks for making such a GREAT RATS MAP! Keep up the good work!
    You have just been Schooled!
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    Brainsample Joined 11y ago
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    I found with a small number of people the top of the fridge can be locked down with one sentry. A good spy or uber can take it out.Ramps to get to the cap behind the juicer would be nice. It would be cool if the configuration of the cap points on the HUD matched their configuration on the map. In other words switch the two center caps on the HUD, so the top most one corresponds to the juice machine cap. Otherwise great map, well balanced, and all the models and look of the map is amazing. Good work.
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    Logan Dougall
    Half Life Storm Flag
    Half Life Storm
    Your fruit all sounds like water if you walk on them, not sure if its been mentioned by anyone else yet.
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    Structural Designer / Dad :)
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  • noser avatar
    noser Joined 10y ago
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    Pros: >layout: Very nice design. Cap points are well thought out and placed Environmental death area well away from main play. Like Lumberyard. Unlike Steel. Stool hopping platforms are cool. Sniping areas, although WCS are almost a non-option as sniping decks are non-existent, perfect for a rats map. Symmetrical map in traditional sense. By that I mean, well, granary, etc, are all rotationally symmetrical. This is great for gameplay. (See sniping decks) Height Difference. A must for any map, and this uses it wonderfully. Fridges are great. Updrafts are good and quite fast, except can be kinda annoying to get out of one. Fruit, bottles, glasses well placed for fire-cover. True rats bit, holes and tunnels are well made. Different level spawn exits are good. Virtually eliminates spawn camping. >gameplay: Very fun. Logged in with a few server buddies and played a few rounds. Will suggest to be added to nominate list. Lighting seems erratic, visually noisy and confusing at first, but the coloureds lights really help in relative position on map. >construction: Loved the bottles, etc. Custom textures within map are great. Skybox was fantastic. Also if the 2D skybox was custom, I might love you. Surfboards are awesome. Cons: >layout: The top-most control-point’s physical capping area is over the updraft hole. Should have to land before able to start capping, at least in my opinion. >Construction: No demoman liquor? No Bonk!? Map would be perfect with a few tf2 drinks. Don’t really are about these, just needed something for this section. Oh here we go: One of the little plastic standing up menus, was backwards for me. IDK if that is universal (everyone), or intentional, but check it out. Improvements: A BOTTLE O’ SCRUMPY. Notes: Understand for Rats Contest, but cant wait for a (?) second release. EDIT: Just saw "_b01". Comment still stands. Also Tequilaville? Lol at sp ref. ~ noser
    The scout's mum has got it goi
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