A Map for Team Fortress 2

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Map for aim practice

This is an aim practice map which I made because my aim sucks. I personally found it useful, so I'm sharing it with you. You must have at least 25 player slots to play this map correctly Join team BLU It has a very basic layout, consisting of 3 lanes. In each lane there is 1 bot moving around in a different pattern: the first one moves in a loose and erratic pattern, the middle one moves in a tighter left-right/front-back kinda way and the last one moves left-right but in circles (don't really know how to explain it, you'll see). Each time you kill a bot, another one replaces him instantly (or almost instantly, if you kill them too fast you might have to wait a second or two from time to time :P). You can climb on the walls and on those platforms for various shooting positions and angles. There's also buttons that control a few things, here's a short explanation for them (they are damage activated, so just shoot at them): To clarify the speed thing, when you chose a speed the bots are also replaced. So if you chose fast, the normal/slow ones are kicked out and replaced by scouts. If you want to keep the bots and only change their speed, then activate the B (Bot) button, so you can have for example scouts moving at the speed of a heavy or maybe you hate that 1-2 seconds of lag that happens when it replaces the bots. Just don't shoot the same speed button twice... Also don't remove/add any more bots or it will mess up the system. Please tell me what you think and any suggestions for improvement are welcomed. And of course, if it has any problems let me know. Bugs that I know of so far: - sometimes after you kill a bot it may spawn 2 in its place instead of 1, but just kill one of them and it'll be fine.



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  • 7mo
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    Posted by koffeekups

    I don't know if it's just me but the the bots don't spawn, and after I left and went to tr wallkway the bots didn't spawn there either.
    What happens if you restart the game and try walkway first, then this one after?
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    I love everyone.
  • 7mo
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    koffeekups Offline
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    I don't know if it's just me but the the bots don't spawn, and after I left and went to tr wallkway the bots didn't spawn there either.
  • 2y
    Hibou avatar
    Hibou Offline
    Member Joined 2y
    I can confirm that this maps works and is very useful in TF2 as of 2016-03-21. 

    As with tr_walkway_rc2 and tr_arena_rc2 something in a recent (Gun Mettle?) update broke the bot spawning on all such maps, so you need to run these commands to make sure everything works:

    sv_cheats 1 sv_allow_point_servercommand always
    You can paste them into the console, or much better idea, make a tr_aim.cfg file in your /custom/ folder that has these two commands in it so they get run automatically. 

    Son of Duke Windrifter
  • 2y
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    Uber Universe
    > **Posted by xXDeadHeadXx**
    > Gun Mettle broke it, there are no bots spawning. Fix please.

    that map probably used point_servercommand which is enabled only for valve servers at the time. To enable it go to your console and type in it:

    sv_cheats 1

    sv_allow_point_servercommand always

    walkway fix:
    Apathetic Schoolgirl Abusement
  • 2y
    Gun Mettle broke it, there are no bots spawning. Fix please.
  • 2y
    OrigTig avatar
    OrigTig Offline
    Member Joined 2y
    Hi I've downloaded the map, but there is no one on the red team? What do I do?
  • 3y
    LCraft303 avatar
    LCraft303 Offline
    Member Joined 3y
    Good but your other one is better.
  • 3y
    Schmuddel avatar
    Schmuddel Offline
    Member Joined 6y
    Still the best training map ever made.
    Professional Asshole
  • 4y
    brutus_buckeye avatar
    Member Joined 6y
    113 points Ranked 25935th
    Yeah, great map for training on. I personally use this and the tr_walkway for various things. This for aiming, and the other map for praticing RJ and mantread stomps
  • 4y
    TraxrInfo avatar
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    You should have placed the howthebuttonworks below them.
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    Le quack
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