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Aim_2side made by: Me



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    Pros: Hard to say, all i can say is that it's kinda decent on the fun factor. There's also a wooden wall that seperates the two sides. Which is a good thing for slow people. Cons: The map looks good with the screenshots, but be warned, the map is filled with prefabs. These models block most of the map and ruins the playability by alot. Next con is the fact that you've dared to do favoritism on the terrorists' side. Why? There's a secret filled with grenades and weapons. The CT's side does not hold this. There are two buildings and a bigger sniper spot on their side too. Plus, it's easier to win on that side. Next con is the fact that you put a wooden wall on the middle. It took me five minutes to figure out that it was breakable. Maybe put glass next time? Next con is... a bomb target? This map is already tiny and putting a bomb target is most probably not suggested on an aim map. The map is tiny, as i've mentionned. It's really annoying. Also, why the untouchable ladder and stairs? They're useless! Improvements: Either remove some of the models or make the map bigger, even the sides a little by adding another building on the CT side. Remove the secret spot on the T side. Remove the bomb target, it's useless. Replace the wooden wall with a glass texture ( This is really easy to do. ) Other than that, it's good to go. Also, add some textures for the ceiling or for the wall. This is optional imo. Notes: I know you didn't put a buyzone in this map, and i understand this. But if ever you decide to make this map bigger, add a buyzone, if really necessary. You've put some nice pictures. That's a plus. I'm pretty much harsh on the rating, but i know you can do better, if ever you update the map, i'll gladly change the rating if ever it's better. 4.7/10


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