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A map based in the Mines of Moria of LOTR. Created for zombie escape servers.

First of all sorry for change the name again, I think that it's better to know where are the LOTR themed maps (i'm doing anothers ze_LOTR_...). NEW FIXES VERSION 4.5 - Staffs fixed (sometimes they didn't work) - Color correction for better illumination (pics are from v4_3) - 'The zombies have been alerted' bug fixed - NO KILLING Balrog , AFKs or Campers will be teleported to jails, CT will be unarmed. For servers with zspawn. NEW FIXES VERSION 4.3 - Bouncing physics problem - Side noobs problem at Balin's tomb NEW FIXES VERSION 4.2 - Circle fix: zombies can't jump in. - Little fixes: stuck bugs, elevator. - Wooden planks at stairs zone fixed. - No Balrog zones fixed. Balrog at superior stairs fixed. - And some balance changes: · Saruman staff hurts 70 dmg per second during 5 s (the first purpose will be slow zombies). · Difficult of some parts changed (at 4_1, some parts are boring): - Balin's tomb: less props, the door is weaker. - Pillar zone: the last hole will open in 1.5 s, not in 2.5. The falling pillar will fall in 1s, not in 2.5s. - Stairs: all the crates will break when the stairs start moving. - Khazad-Dum bridge: the fall won't hurt for zombies (the fall injured 300 of hp) NEW FIXES VERSION 4.1 - Unbalance problems fixed: · More damage for Saruman staff: 700 per second (before 300). · More range for both staffs. · Door only closes 1 time (10 seconds to close). · 2 Seconds barrier for zombies at spiral stairs · Zombies can't jump directly to Balin's tomb exit. · The barriers at pilar zone break at 2.5 s ( not at 0s) · The falling floor will break only for zombies (and it's bigger) · The falling column takes 3s to start moving (not 0s) · More light at stairs zone. · Ramp for CTs for jump the crates easily (this ramp will break with zombies coming). · Bigger teleport area for stucked people. · Khazad Dum bridge is more thin and long, and CTs have a near point to protect gandalf. -------------------------------------------------- NEW FIXES/FEATURES VERSION 3.1 - Stuck bug of staffs fixed. - Saruman staff hurts more (300 per second , before 220 per second). - Some visual bug fixed. - Pr0 jumping bugs fixed (circle and stairs). - Random ring position. - Moving stair fixed (tele for the stucked people) ----------------------------------------------- NEW FIXES/FEATURES VERSION 3 - I didn't remove the black floor (area portal), I tested and add 15-20 more fps playing online. - Bad displacements fix - Bad texturing fix - Teleport bug at the lift fixed - The falling column will break at 20s - The falling wall will break at 7s - More crates to defend at last stairs. - The flying zombies at the circle will be stopped. - Bunny jump at stairs will fixed; falling zombies won't get hurt with the fall. - More advises for the zombies that don't read the console. - Stuck problem at lift. No nuke zone bug fixed. - Elevator fix. - Optimization with nodraw textures. - Ring placed at top of ladders. - Improved ring - Gandalf staff item (hability: push zombies and props). - Saruman staff item (hability: hurt near zombies). - Random probability of the staffs access (28% no staff, 28% Gandalf only, 28% Saruman only, 14% both staffs) - More custom sounds ----------------------------------------------- NEW FIXES/FEATURES VERSION 2_2 - Displacement surfing bug at stairs. - The falling column will break(for stucked people). - Circle pushing bug - Gandalf scene is now working ----------------------------------------------- NEW FIXES/FEATURES VERSION 2_1 - 100% bug fixing (included stuck problems). - FPS fix: I deleted many lights (and increased the brigthness), changed prop properties (no shadows), put a portal_vis at the spiral stair, and deleted some useless props. Cave: 6 ->2 lights. Entrance to ladder zone: 8->2. Ladder zone: 4 ->2. Espiral stair: 10->1 etc.. - Ladder barriers fixed - The fallen wall at Balin is now breakable (for the poor people that get stuck). - Columns zone is now darker and have less lights. - Some access bugs. - The stairs: more brightness; its easier throw the zombies; no teleport if you fall; two crates to protect the people that don't jump; the moving stair now flat (I hope that the people will not stuck) - Gandalf final scene fixed: now if he dies the song starts instantly. It's easier to protect Gandalf. - Camper cleaning: 'Balrog' will clean every zone, if someone reach the end of a zone, in 1:30 minutes this will be cleaned. - The ring carrier: a shiny deagle with a floating ring can be taken at start zone, if the ring reaches the Khazad-Dum bridge, the wooden bridge will break, and will be easier to protect Gandalf (the ring carrier must drop it to the ground, after crossing the bridge). If a ring carrier is gonna die, he should throw the ring to another human. The ring can be dropped and picked at any time. - For much more FPS, the flashlight is now disabled (in every map the flashlight drops a lot of fps). ---------------------------------------------- Some features of this map: - Map length: 6:30 minutes - Max players: 64 - Custom music - AFK clean - Camper clean - Anti-Stuck - High optimized ----------------------------------------------- Map structure: - The lake: the start zone, the entrance/door of the Mines of Moria. - First passage: a short corridor. - Cave zone: a big hall full of ways that appears at the movie. - Ladders: climb and arrive to the three doors and descent to the Balin's tomb. - Balin's tomb: humans must resist 40s, while zombies try to get in, breaking the door. - Escape through the columns: leave Balin's tomb and run until reach the protection circle. - The stairs: try to jump or stay until the rock fall. - Khazad-Dum bridge: reach the bridge; one human must stay in the middle of the bridge, and their partners must protect him. - Escape from Moria: if 'Gandalf' breaks the bridge, you will be able to escape from Moria. ----------------------------------------------- WARNING!!!!!!!: This map is optimized for zombie servers: - With no-blocking. - Without prop menu.



  • 7y
    charli avatar
    charli Joined 8y ago
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    very good map i love your work =)
    Maps Prefabs Particle
  • 7y
    hey can u tell me how to make physic boxes lighter with mass scale

    like in 0:46 the coffin is physic and very light
    my physic boxes are alway very heavy plzz tell me how to do this

    Thank U
    Squarls are bad :(
  • 8y
    Sandfly avatar
    Sandfly Joined 11y ago
    371 points Ranked 11526th
    .. wrong version to post in. Please seen v5 for details on new update.
  • 8y
    TnTSCS avatar
    TnTSCS Joined 8y ago
    Indeed - everyone loves the LOTR maps and this one is a great map.

    As mentioned below, the update to CSS Orange Box has broken this map.

    Any plans on releasing a fix that will work on CSS OB?
  • 8y
    bor3d avatar
    bor3d Joined 8y ago
    382 points Ranked 11259th
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    One of the best ZM maps, but with the new CS:S update it crashes instantly. Could really use an update for this map!
    Founder of Bor3dGaming.com
  • 8y
    Pros: Beautiful
    Cons: Some lag
    Improvements: Too dark in some areas


  • 8y
    Very very beatiful map,respect to creator,go on in LOTR style!


  • 8y
    Flazare avatar
    Flazare Joined 8y ago
    Pros: Nice design
    Cons: The moving pillar is glitchy and slow.
    Improvements: Fix the con.
    Notes: lol


    I pwn zombies....
  • 8y
    Pros: best ring and staff design with mat_colorcorrection 1
    Cons: moving stair at superior stair is glitchy
    Improvements: fix the glitch stair
    Notes: nothing


  • 8y
    Great map, the only bad thing is im running 4v_3 and I still get the bouncing props sometimes :/


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