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Okay, wow. Had a pretty big positive response to this so far - 1222 downloads of beta2 already! For those that don't know this is a training map aimed at helping players of all skill levels improve their movement skill - an important part of quake live. This is only an in-progress beta though, there will be bugs and not all the map is textured or looks great (same goes for lighting), but people are always wanting to play the latest version so I'll be updating this everytime I add a new section or make significant map changes - this is also useful to get feedback which I can use as I continue developing the map (please, keep it comming). Constructive criticism is good also. Anyway, like I said the map's a very rough beta, don't expect much right now, but what's there is fun and useful hopefuly. Initial inspiration for this map was from the q3 map b0_beta6. How to play the map in quakelive: Extract the pk3 from the zip file and place it in your baseql folder, which is located: Vista/win7 - Code: %AppData%\..\LocalLow\id Software\quakelive\baseq3 XP - Code: %appdata%\id Software\quakelive\baseq3 (thanks mental) Then right click on the pk3, go to properties, then check 'read only' (if you don't do this quakelive will delete the file). Then start up a bot game and from the console (ctl+alt+`) type 'map raztrainql_beta3' and you're done. note: Both the beginner and intermediate movement sections now have flags at the start and end so that you can time yourself if you wish - just make sure you start the map up as a ctf game. Also if you wish to play the puzzle room you will need to use r_fullbright 1 (I forgot to add lights - doh!). In order to play the puzzle room as it is intended you will need to start a ctf game with 1 bot also - join the red team and ready up - the goal is to cap the blue flag using only the health and ammo provided. _changes since beta2_ Added 4 more gaps to intermediate movement section, two of which will be moved to expert movement section once that's built. Added beginner movement section. Added puzzle room. Added several more strafe lanes and did a lot of rebalancing to the current ones. Strafe room has also had a makeover thanks to mrks. _beta testing requests_ While any comments are useful and taken on board things I particularaly want feedback on right now are: If you are a beginner, how useful is the beginner movement section to you, and do you feel the obstacles progress in difficulty as they should? Comments on how balanced the strafe lanes are - are there any pads on a lane too far away, relative to the other pads on the lane? Do you like the idea of the puzzle room? How's the difficulty for you? If people like it I can expand upon it, if people hate it I can delete it. note: puzzle room doesn't require great movement skill but requires a combination of thinking and game knowledge - it is probably aimed more towards veteran players. From this post before I updated it: "And kudos to the first person to upload a demo of themselves doing a perfect run =)." So, kudos go out to... marky kid w3sp vapour ...now lets see if anyone can do a perfect run of beta3 (I doubt it, but we'll see)! Additional things: mrks is now effectivley co-author of this map, I will be working on gameplay and designing the sections, then he'll be going over them and making them all look good. You can see his first bit of work in the beta3 strafe room (also, note to self - need to update map info to include his name). vith has made a nice grease monkey script for this map, go here (http://userscripts.org/scripts/show/46562) for the latest version - it will put a link on your ql page to launch the map directly so then all you need to do is click it - map loads - then join the red team and ready up. GrafZhl has made a nice strafe room map for ql also, i'll add the link to this post later but for now you can find a link to it in his signature if you want a change of scene from this map. raztrainql_beta1 and raztrainql_beta2 are excatly the same as raztrainql_beta3 just with sections missing, they are only included for watching demos uploaded by people in this thread using these older versions, if you do not wish to do this you do not need to download them! I will be writing a guide to ql movement (including demos) at some point in the near future probably, as right now while there is a fair ammount of information there is still some info that's quite hard to find and nowhere right now has 'everything you need to know about ql movement' all in one place afaik - I would like to try and achieve this. It's 3:30am and I can't think straight, this post is maybe a bit jumbled (and I'm sure I'm forgetting something), but I'll sort it out tomorrow. For now - enjoy beta3 =). edit: so ql file upload system can go **** itself! I just spent 45 minutes trying to upload the file (would of been nice to have a counter of how many downloads it got), but it wasn't having any of it - even deleted several files (including beta1) to try and get it to work. So, got bored of that and just uploaded it to sendspace.




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