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Just A Relaxing Map

Hi there! :) This is map maded by me (arleitiss from DeV2 clan) Face Punch Thread: Features ========= *Has a beautiful View Of Sea *Full sound effects of sea/docs *Has gallery of pictures *Pictures in galerry are taken by myself *Has cubemaps *Has nice balcony to pose some ragdoll *Has Modern design *Has Clean Water *Uses few custom textures Requirements ============ Garry's Mod Actually requires Half Life 2 Ep 2 but don't worry I included all textures required from EP2 into this map! So you can download it without having ep2 Special Thanks To ================= Darksaber - For making, suggesting, explaining how to do things and how to make them! My Steam: arleitiss



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    This is a beautiful map. Just too damn small. Cant really pose on it, and you cant build a roller coaster. so there isnt much to do. But it is beautiful.


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    Banana I am dissapoint
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    You should change that "arleitiss (myself)" to just "arleitiss" in the authors before this gets witheld.
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    God's in his heaven
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    Ambience: Love the sunset. I could spend ages looking out over that balcony.
    Animation: I didn't really see much "animation" as such so I can't really comment on it.
    Design: Very nice, but the docks are a bit odd looking, where it branches upwards. The shack is also a tad blocky, sorry to mention it.
    Detail: Has some great details like boats and lights and bottles on the balcony. Really sparks your imagination as to who could have lived there.
    Gameplay: Not really much to do in the map, but I'm sure it'll be great use for posing and machinima.
    Looks: Absolutely stunning! The water is beautiful, the skybox is beautiful, the lighting is perfect.
    Model: Good realistic use of props.
    Realism: Actually very realistic. Only flaw is the modern design seemingly in the middle of nowhere, but still, who says that isn't possible. Some rich person may have bought an island and built a home on it. =P

    The water looks great and flows realistically.
    Sound: Great use of ambient sound, just loud enough to be noticeable and quiet enough to be subtle and pleasing to listen too.
    Texture: You've shown a great understanding of blend textures and seem to have a great idea of what certain textures will look like when applied in-game with cubemaps etc.

    One problem is the "cliff" texture underwater, but it's no big problem as I know that there isn't many good sand blend textures.


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    Teh Spehshul Wun


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Key Authors
arleitiss (myself)
Creator from Zero
Suggestions and explaining how to maek things!


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Used my own taken pictures!

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