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A Map for Team Fortress 2

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Uninterrupted 3-stage attack/defend map

CP_IRONBOWL_B8 Beta 8 Release Author: John "hydrage" Pafford Email: File: cp_ironbowl_b8.bsp (all custom resources are embedded) Description: This is the eighth beta release for Ironbowl. This is a multi-stage attack/defend control point map. However, there is no forced respawn between stages; instead, a series of "LaserGates" will open up allowing access to the next stage. The defending team (Red) has 60 seconds of setup time at the beginning of the game, and 40 seconds of setup time between stages. For more information, see the Developer Notes for previous beta releases. Change Log (since Beta 7) Design: 1 - Fixed the broken areaportal glitch. 2 - Reduced the capture times for all control points. 3 - Modified the spawn times to shift toward BLU's favor as the clock approaches 0:00. Capturing a Control Point adds time to the clock and rebalances the spawn times. 4 - Added "shortcut now open" game_text_tf messages. 5 - Prevented RED from entering the shortcuts until BLU has opened them. 6 - Added an additional BLU spawn room for stage 1. Modified the BLU spawn room for stage 2 and 3 to face toward the more appropriate exit. 7 - Removed a small shack between little b and Big B. 8 - Modified floors near certain lasergates to prevent Engineers from building behind them. 9 - Added back the small door between the central corridor and the garage area. 10 - Added an additional BLU lasergate to the garage area, as well as a BLU resupply cabinet. 11 - Raised the platform for the small c control point to give it better visibility to the upper levels of stage 3. Modified the surrounding area to accommodate. 12 - Removed the window from the area behind Big C, and also relocated the entrance to this area. 13 - Repositioned the thin vertical panels between Big C and the RED spawnroom. 14 - Added an additional corridor below Big C connecting to the nearby stairway. 15 - Slightly modified the distribution of ammopacks and healthkits throughout the map. 16 - Numerous slight and undocumented changes. Performance: 17 - Improved hint usage. 18 - Improved areaportal usage. 19 - Converted some brushes into displacements. Aesthetics: 20 - Tweaked the light-grid for some brushes to improve lighting and shadowing. 21 - Added outside windows. Finally. 22 - Added some more pretty pictures to illustrate the effects of the enemy LaserGates, because clearly the Heavy is not the only one who's a slow learner. 23 - Lots of miscellaneous. Known Issues: - The Clock Timer does not display "setup time" when between stages, even though the relevant team_round_timer currently shown in the HUD is configured to use setup time. Playtesters: - Playtesting Credits are located in the easter egg. Questions/Comments: Please send any feedback to me at the provided email address. Let me know of any glitches, exploits, imbalances, misaligned textures, unclipped geometry or props, catastrophic failings, negligible foibles, or anything else that you think could be improved. Scheduled for Beta 9: - fixes for any issues that are sent to me ( send them to me!) ©2009 John "hydrage" Pafford All Rights Reserved



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    Pros: Innovative and unique design, love the rolling dustbowl like feel to the map, keeps the defenders on their toes and the attackers from having to sit and wait a long period of time before moving forward. Teams really have to work well together to effectively mount successful attacks and defense, especially due to the way gates/rounds work, teams must move quickly in order to be successful. Cons: Still feels cluttered initially to new players, but I think this fades relatively quickly after a round or two. Improvements: Nice SG spots help effectively hold the A and B area, but Ive yet to see a team hold well on C in previous playtests or this one, might be worth it to look at SG positions on C whenever you move to make a final release. Notes: Very nicely done, will be sticking this on the vote list on my server :)
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    Pros: Nicely designed, lot's of nice features you don't usually see (especially in a beta) Cons: Looks cluttered around some spawn points, maybe clear that out so pyros can't w+m1 through the point. Improvements: Remove some of the excessive coverings that create too many chokepoints.
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Hammer Editor Paint.NET VTFEdit


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