A Map for Left 4 Dead

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“Fight your way through a zombie infested college campus! When and if you make it to the rooftops alive, request military support using the radio. To play this map; Open console ~ and type “map l4d_nkpit”.” This only contains 1 map.



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    Very blocky needs cubemaps
  • 8y
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    This is a great idea but I did not like this map at all. It needs a lot of improvement. Lets start at spawn.

    The set up doesn't make sense. You have a table with guns surrounded by fences. Whatever, its hard to fit finding guns in a realistic place into the story line.

    The open field. This is terrible. I can see across the entire map and it serves no purpose. There is no chance of even being hit my a zombie if you can see 50 yards in all directions.

    First floor. Too many random un openable doors. Also there is no path through the building. You just made a building and said "Alright, find the way up to floor two." You need to make it flow. Also, the rooms are useless. I can do everything I need to without entering more than the theater room.

    Second Floor. Same story really, no path. I spent 5 minutes just looking for a way to get to the next floor. I shouldn't need to do that.

    Roof. You have done the roof all wrong. First off, there is not enough props up there and being of the roof clearly shows the edges of the map. Next, there are only two ways the zombies can get to you. Both involve them running or climbing up in a single file line. You are basically handing the rescue to the survivors because there is no way they'd ever be hit. Also, there is NO way a tank would cause any damage. It has to run 10 yards in the open with no cover to even get to the survivors. Plus, if the tank did hit someone. they would die because they would be set flying off the roof with nothing to protect the sides. This shouldn't happen either. Basically the finale is basically just shooting in a straight line.

    I'm giving this map a low score because its missing extremely key parts and the mapmaker ignored important gameplay mechanics. One of my biggest problems with this map is that you can avoid the entire first floor just by heading around to the backstairs on the outside of the building.


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