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The successor to the popular gm_flatgrass2008!

It's been too long since I've started up Hammer again. Too long that my first attempts of this map failed horribly. Compiling this thing, wasn't really easy too. But I finally got back on track and finished this. And I must say I'm pretty happy with how it turned out. So, what does this new circular map has to offer? -Once again, the map features a huge space. I made it as big as Source could handle, so the edges of the map are 1024 units removed from the edges of the grid. -Instead of making just the spawn area circular, I made the entire map circular. So that includes a circular skybox. This way, I kinda got rid of the feeling that there was a 3D skybox needed. A previous version had one, but it didn't look right. Plus that the 3D skybox was taking quite some space in the Hammer grid. So I got rid of that. -A whole new addition is the underground building area. -There is also HDR in the map. -The skybox is as high as it could get. -The depth of the water is approx 4096 units. -The map is fully cubemapped (12). -Includes a spawn icon. I really hope you guys'll like this map. You can always PM me on Facepunch (Larry_G) or send me an email to: Enjoy!



  • 8y
    Kavukamari avatar
    Kavukamari Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    Does the big pillar in the center move? that would be the best <3

    Good looking map, can't wait to try it
  • 8y
    kaelinkato avatar
    kaelinkato Offline
    Member Joined 8y
    Perfect lighting,so beautiful.
    cH1ks Diig mE1!!!!!!!
  • 8y
    Hi im a big Fan of yours, i was wondering .. what Color Correction Means and How i use it?
    Map Animator
  • 9y
    Black_Jack avatar
    Black_Jack Offline
    Member Joined 10y
    769 points Ranked 6068th
    Thanks for all the nice coments guys :D
    Is that my gasoline you're dri
  • 9y
    RAMIREZOID avatar
    RAMIREZOID Offline
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    Nice map, I really like the underground area. But how come models don't have shadows?
    seltz champ
  • 9y
    Ezekel avatar
    Ezekel Offline
    Member Joined 9y
    47,038 points Ranked 83rd
    It's a perfect map for testing flying machines and generally doing what is done in garrysmod.

    only thing that i don't like is how the grass texture looks gridlike/repetitive from a distance. maybe if you doubled the texture scale for it?

    i also should add: the 2nd screenshot is now my desktop pic
    I am the Bananemensch!
  • 9y
    MeeP_PL avatar
    MeeP_PL Offline
    Member Joined 11y
    1,863 points Ranked 2555th
    Pros: It's Huge and Looks cool :D
    Cons: it's... no it's whole good.
    Improvements: Nothing
    Notes: Aazing i love this map


    "Lol wut ?"


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Black_Jack Offline
Member Joined 10y
769 points Ranked 6068th

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