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A small deagle map in a hotel.

A basic Deagle map that i was asked to make for a couple friends. Finished in a day or so. All Custom textures and sounds are in the .bsp.



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    Amazing job! :D
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    Logan Dougall avatar
    Logan Dougall
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    Half Life Storm
    Long enough name? heh.

    Anyways, I really like the modern feel you have to this map. The model placement works nicely - fish are cute - to give a somewhat abstract feeling to the place.

    The layouts a good size for deagle maps, enough cover to get by without being too much or too little. Makes for nice quick rounds with little confusion about layout or where people are.

    Custom textures are a bonus to see, not many bother with making their own and yours turned out quite well. The stairs could have used some default stair textures or more custom ones with the same theme rather than making them with the appearance of wood grain. Doesn't quite work.

    While on the subject of textures, the centrepiece that you have in the map is beautiful. The only grief I have with it is the texture alignment on it:

    Its all going the same direction, the corners should be sliced diagonally and the textures rotated 90o for two of them to make it look more realistic as it wouldn't be made from a single solid piece of wood like what it appears in-game to be.

    Also, the texture on the bottom trim aspect of the elevators was giving me a rather strong blue effect that goes on/off depending on what angle your looking at it from. This may be caused by the skybox as your level is inside a hollowed box textured with toolsskybox and this face can see that skybox since the doors do not block visibility as they are an entity.

    Lastly, been seeing this a lot lately but cubemaps are a requirement for any map as proper reflections need to be made, this is why the couch models appear to have a slight sheen to them along with various other surfaces/models.

    Did a console command test and your level is running off the default skybox cubemap rather than reflecting your interior lighting style and textures which would look far better than the brighter skybox thats outside your level.

    Its a good map and has a great design, there are just those few issues with it that I'm not too fond of. Otherwise I love the work you've done here. Hopefully see more like this from you.


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    Looks very nice, nice color scheme. Ill DL it in a bit
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    Banana I am dissapoint
  • 9y
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    Notes: Fucking Amazing

    10/10!/har avatar
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    Posted by SneakyPhil

    Very nice looking map.

    VERY nice looking map. Mind if I ask where you got the texture from?
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    Very nice looking map.


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