A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

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A fun playground for shooters.

_________.__ __ / _____/| |__ ____ _____/ |_ ___________ ______ \_____ \ | | \ / _ \ / _ \ __\/ __ \_ __ \/ ___/ / \| Y ( <_> | <_> ) | \ ___/| | \/\___ \ /_______ /|___| /\____/ \____/|__| \___ >__| /____ > \/ \/ \/ \/ __________.__ .___ \______ \ | _____ ___.__. ___________ ____ __ __ ____ __| _/ | ___/ | \__ \< | |/ ___\_ __ \/ _ \| | \/ \ / __ | | | | |__/ __ \\___ / /_/ > | \( <_> ) | / | \/ /_/ | |____| |____(____ / ____\___ /|__| \____/|____/|___| /\____ | \/\/ /_____/ \/ \/ by X75TIGER75X Shooters Playground was my first successful map. It was the playground designed for adults who likes to have a firefight. The map was colored like toy playground but acts like tournament arena so people can try their skill on the playground. It was simple teamdeathmatch playground. You do not need to put/defuse any bombs or save any hostages. Just neutralize all enemy team and your team will win. Enjoy the map. =D Version - 0.8 - Feburary 15, 2009 ZIP CONTENTS ------------------- One .BSP file - the map file Eleven pictures of the map One readme text notepad HOW TO INSTALL -------------------- The Installation is simple. You need to go to your Counter-strike Source folder. It should be at C:\...\Steam\Steamapps\username\counter-strike source You should see Cstrike folder in the counter-strike source folder. Open this zip file and drag folder named Cstrike from THIS zip file to your counter-strike source folder. If you did everything correctly, you should be able to find this map in the game. (through 'Create Server' option on the main menu) FEATURES --------------------- -HDR Available -Cubemaps -Live TV -Has more than 20 spawns available -Shoot through'able walls -3D Skybox -Funny warning signs -Few fake but cool ad -Great Sun Lighting -NAV file included (It may say it is outdated but its working fine) -Good amount of cover -A free AWP on center of the playground (But it has limited ammo) Problem/Bugs --------------------- -Some area are too dark for players to see -It has some lighting discoloration in some areas -Lamps in all indoors are little too powerful (I don't know how to tone them down) -Bad lightmap in some areas. -Missing Signs -Not really complete 3D Skybox (I need add more building to make them look like -Playground are in the city) I don't know what other problems I need to post. To do List ----------------------- -Make TV switch to multiple cameras -Fix lighting discoloration -Fix dark areas -Add more fake advertisements -Add more funny signs -Add things that makes the playground look like real deal -Better "Shooter's Playground" Picture -Add Radar and Overview map (Hard to do for this map) -Higher Cubemap resolution Tools used ----------------------- -Hammer -VBCT -GIMP 2.6 -Pakrat .95 Credits ----------------------- -Many other unnamed tutorials for basic mapping. -"Kopf sucht Kugel and TheilHater's Multi Tex-Color" - Colored dev_textures -TDDKami for Camera Tutorial -Valve Batch Compile Tool by Kevin Ottlini (qUiCkSiLvEr) -Some others I can't remember NOTE ----------------------- -I hold no responsibility for any thing caused by my map. This inculdes overheating, being banned from the server, beign kicked from the server, game crashes, etc. -If you are going to edit or maniuplate this map. Please credit me before being flamed on.




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