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Small but fun aim map, matches should take no longer than 2-3 minutes. Designed for fast and warm-up style games, play it with your friends!

Second map I made, check my profile for the first one. This is a map I made as a quick warm-up map for me and my clan, they liked it a lot. It might be too small, or not enough encounter spots, but it's not really anything I'm planning on changing. Comments and ratings are highly appreciated ofcourse, for future maps. Maybe you can compare it my first map! ;)



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    Pros: nice, funny, good work


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    Hello there Ancarma!

    This is a more-than-decent second map. Good job on aligning the textures and making some interesting brushes. I can see some effort into this. So, good job!

    However there are a couple of flaws that can easily be fixed. For instance:

    -You are using light entities to lit the outside part of the map while you could use a light_environment entity. Just place it in your skybox and set the desired settings. I'm sure that this page will help you out getting the settings right.

    -The environment is kind of boring. Even if it is well-made, you need to spice it up a bit with props or water or any kind of effects. A good start would be to make some light sources in the interior part so your rooms will look more naturally lit.

    Now, some suggestions that will surely help you in your future endeavors:

    *In order to build everything in the correct dimensions I suggest you to create some info_player_terrorist entities here and there in Hammer while you build your map. These models will help you get proportions right since from the start of your project so you won't need to waste too much time on trying to get things big or small enough.

    *If you need to measure spaces or just place some "placeholders" in Hammer, use brushes with the "skip" tooltexture applied on. Brushes with that texture don't actually get compiled but they can come in handy in Hammer while building. Please check these tutorials: 1 2

    Again, great work you did here on your second map! You could also try something more complicated with normal textures. It is a challenge but it is definitely worth it.

    Keep up the good work!




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Eric Holterman


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Measure_ .... textures used. Might chance into normal ones, fix explosion effect on coils, etc.

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