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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

Hey guys... My (Jeebs/Fisher) first map upload. PLEASE dont flame, I only tolerate constructive criticism. Readme.txt " Hello, I'm Jeebs (Fisher E.). I make maps for fun and enjoyment, I do not STRIVE to be a professional mapmaker; so dont flame me like one. I would perfer that my maps are not rename, flamed apon, or reuploaded by another person under their name. How ever, I would love to see other people takes on my maps (rmakes). Wanna contact me? Files (aim_jeebs_poolparty): aim_jeebs_poolparty.bsp (Map File) aim_jeebs_poolparty.nav (Bot Navigation File) aim_jeebs_poolparty_screenshot1.jpg (Screenshot) aim_jeebs_poolparty_screenshot2.jpg (Screenshot) aim_jeebs_poolparty_screenshot3.jpg (Screenshot) " Thanks



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    Hi mrJeebs
    So you strive to be a professional map maker? Well, I say good for you buddy. I can certainly say that for your first map your off to a good start. The brushwork is nothing less that spectacular. Even with all the arches, corners and angles. your brushwork remains near perfect. All the joints are crisp and clean with no overlaps. You also did an excellent job on lining up all the dev textures. The map is very original and well thought out and executed. Also it is very well balanced which makes for even gameplay. Great job in all of these areas. 160x120Although your map is very well constructed, there are a few things that you can do to enhance the looks and gameplay. To the right you can see a screenshot of what the outside part of your map looks like. All of the outer brush faces should really be textured in tool/toolsnodraw. Although players can see those textures while in gameplay, each player will still have to render these textures as if they were in the gameplay area. So, to help optimize your maps fps, you should re-texture every brush face that cant be seen while in gameplay with the nodraw tool. Here is a very good tutorial on the use of the nodraw tool. 160x120Another thing that will show that the author of a map shows great attention to detail when using dev textures is to reverse the faces of those brushes that have reverse writing. Example above. The way to do this is to open up hammer and then bring up your face edit sheet. Once you have done that just click on the face that you want to reverse as to highlight it. Now on your face edit sheet in the align box you will need to put a check in the face box. This will turn the writing around so it can be read properly. This is just a small item that will help improve the looks of your dev maps. You can do this to all the ladders, crates and walls. The last thing that will really help improve the looks of your map is to add some lighting. Anytime you use a skybox in one of your map, you should really add an entity called light_environment. This will help give your map shadows and ambient. just select your entity tool () and look for light_environment and place one of these in your map somewhere out of the way then you can make adjustments to your liking. Here is a very good tutorial on lighting.
    Final NoteI am very impressed at the originality and more so with the awesome brushwork. The brushwork is the basic fundamental building block of any map and you seem to have a very good handle on that. I would just say to do some practicing with the lighting and experiment with the light_environment. Other than these few things your map shows great attention to detail and that you have some great talent and skill when it comes to mapping. Cant wait to see other maps that you will make in the future. Excellent job.


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    This Map Rocks! 10/10 (lol I'm bored... I dont believe this is against the rules..)
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