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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

ZE_UNDERGROUND_ESCAPE__FINAL This escape is located underground, you and your team must work your way out of it. At the end you will find two trucks waiting for you, hold of any zombie threat untill trucks are ready to go. 64 Spawns Cubemaps Traps Alternate Routes *** FINAL UPDATES 2 *** - Removed extra player spawn point that was not at spawn *** FINAL UPDATES *** - Fixed players getting stuck down side of trucks when they stop at end of tunnel - Alterations at two sections of the map to look different - Made some more visual alterations on the buttons and ladders - Made the blast doors that fall do damage to players that they hit - Removed the planks and the rocks that drop before the first fans - Made it so players cant block the closing door at the trucks, which would cause the trucks to not move which was a bug - Optimization - Fixed the light models so they look like they are on - Added a small wooden platform at the start of the water cart so people who miss the cart can get off the rail and out of the water better - Added a AFK killer - Clipped off camping spots *** V6 UPDATES *** - Fixed players getting stuck in player clips at the fans - Player clipped the fans gaps so people dont get stuck in the gap - Lowered the platform at the trucks so its not as easy for the zombies to stab someone on top of truck - Made the space at bottom of fans bigger so weapons that fall down dont glitch the fans - Fixed a door glitch *** V5 UPDATES *** - Fixed Nuke Glitch - Fixed Bugged Trucks *** V4 UPDATES *** - Added more strength to the boards that are below the rocks - The water tram waits a little bit longer before leaving - Fans wait a little big longer before starting again - Made trucks easier to climb - Player cliped some parts that were forgotten about *** V3 UPDATES *** - Added extra part to the end of the map to make it a little bit more easier for humans to defend against the zombies that get inside the trucks - Added door to end of the water tram part, this is to stop zombies running along the track instead of going to way they should and getting infront of humans who have to break gate on door *** V2 UPDATE *** - Fixed a rare door bug, door would not open when should



  • 8y
    CsH avatar
    CsH Joined 8y ago
    Pros: Looks nice, lots of fun Cons: AFK kill! Just hate it on my Zombiemod:Reloaded server, I think you shoul leave the AFK killing to the servers admins Improvements: Would be superb if AFK kill was removed.


  • 8y
    Long and interesting map,one of my favoritess 10/10


  • 9y
    Sauthron avatar
    Sauthron Joined 9y ago
    Nice Map but on my Server the Fans ,which start and stop and you must jump through it, are laggy!! I think this is a config-bug but i didnt found it yet. Can you help me please? MfG Sauthron Sry for my bad english :D
  • 9y
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    HoLyZz! Joined 9y ago
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    Nice map... :)


    Hacettepe University
  • 9y
    rogergargantua avatar
    rogergargantua Joined 10y ago
    1,471 points Ranked 3508th
    Pros: One of the best looking escape maps I've seen! Its very detailed and the rooms really look different from each other. You have approached this design with much original ideas. I love the big fan traps! Its a pretty long and big map. It has challenging features like jumping over (moving) boxes etc. I dunno what more to say, I was really impressed by its design and looks! Oh, the ending is nice, you get rewarded by a little view of the surface outside. So you know you made it. Its a little detail but I loved it. Cons: None I can think off. I would like to see more open roofs but then again, that would spoil the ending as I mentioned in the "PROS". The theme of map is less original. The theme looks very much like your other map, elevator escape. But thats not bad cuz that map is awesome too. Improvements: None, it has excellent, fitting and original traps. The theme could have been handled different but there's actually nothing wrong with it. Ur good at making these underground facilities! A winner theme! Notes: I normally like more outdoor environments cuz of the "freedom" feeling I get with them. So ambience and fun score a bit lower. But thats just a personal thing. I really enjoyed playing through this map! Keep up the great work! - GARGANTUA


    MapDesigner avatar
  • 9y
    3xO avatar
    3xO Joined 10y ago
    It looks pretty cool ill put it on mah server
  • 9y
    -sang- avatar
    -sang- Joined 9y ago
    Pros: great map! first ze-map with different ways to different rounds. Cons: nothing! Improvements: All is normal Notes: The majority of the people playing my server, likes this map.




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