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A Map for Battlefield: Vietnam

Map Name: My Lai Massacre Version: 1.0 Time to Make: Approx. 3 weeks Original Map Concept: McSoldier Heightmap, Textures, Objects, Artwork: McSoldier (, SaTan, Despair, Dragoon Shadows Rendered: Yes Map Size: Small (256x256) Control Points: 4 Objects Used: 224 Designed for: Clan Matches, 12 vs 12, 10 vs 10 or 8 vs 8 No Single player. Design Concept: This is a small tight battle in thick jungle. Teams must take the temple and the outer temple ruins, Viet forces are closer and have quicker access but US forces are better armed and have a slick to get there quickly. Beneath the temple there is a tunnel system giving hidden access to both sides of the temple. When Viets take the temple they are rewarded with a shovel in the tunnel network. Flag Value: 1 hard to conquer base for each team and two central flags up for the grabs, 3 flags causes a bleed. Vehicles: NVA get 2 Scooters, 1 Light Tank, 1 BM21Sam, 1 APC, 1 Jeep. US get 1 Light Tank, 1 Heavy Tank, 1 Huey Slick, 2 MUTTs, 1 APC. Cannons are spread out around the ruins, once ruins flag taken 1 US only APC spawns. Temple flag gives 1 APC, 1 Viet only Scooter in the back and 1 Viet only Shovel in the tunnels. Story: The events that occured at My Lai were not really a battle but a massacre, the map's name was chosen to remind us of the events that occured. Horrible acts such as these must not be forgotten or we will never learn from our mistakes. This map is more the "if there really were Viet soldiers..." version of events. This is the real history of My Lai: The objective of the American military mission was clear: search and destroy the My Lai (pronounced, somewhat ironically, "me lie") hamlet of Son My village in the Quang Ngai Province of South Vietnam. What wasn’t clear was what to do with any civilians who might be encountered at My Lai. When the soldiers in Charlie Company pushed into the hamlet, they expected to be locked into fierce combat with a Viet Cong battalion believed to be at My Lai. For three months the American unit had been in no major battles but had suffered a lot of casualties from snipers, mines, and booby traps. The soldiers were ready to prove themselves, ready to exact revenge on the enemy. Charlie Company met no resistance; there were no Viet Cong soldiers at My Lai. Calley then ordered the slaughter of the civilians. People were rounded up into ditches and machine-gunned. They lay five feet deep in the ditches; any survivors trying to escape were immediately shot. When Calley spotted a baby crawling away from a ditch, he grabbed her, threw her back into the ditch, and opened fire. Some of the dead were mutilated by having "C Company" carved into their chests; some were disemboweled. One GI would later say, "You didn’t have to look for people to kill, they were just there. I cut their throats, cut off their hands, cut out their tongues, scalped them. I did it. A lot of people were doing it and I just followed. I just lost all sense of direction." Flying high above the slaughter was helicopter pilot Hugh Thompson. Sickened by what he was witnessing, Thompson set down his aircraft and began to rescue the Vietnamese survivors. he ordered his machine gunner to open fire on any American soldiers who continued to shoot villagers. In one ditch, Thompson pulled out a three-year-old child, almost smothered in blood, but not injured. After he radioed for help from other helicopters, an enraged Thompson reported to his section leader and in graphic detail told of what he had seen. Soon afterward, Charlie Company was ordered to stop killing civilians. Coverup of the massacre began immediately. Reports on the My Lai operation stated that it was a stunning combat victory against a Viet Cong stronghold. Stars and Stripes, the army newspaper, ran a feature story applauding the courage of the American soldiers who had risked their lives. Even General William Westmoreland sent a personal congratulatory note to Charlie Company. An initial investigation into My Lai was swift and definitive: My Lai was a combat operation in which twenty civilians had accidentally been killed. Known Bugs: Dice's Tunnel object is not perfect, some textures just aren't quite right and the object's mesh is fragile if you push it (ex: driving a scooter in the tunnel) and the lightmaps for the hut entrance would not generate on it. To use the tunnel fake grass had to be added, this grass blends well but if you play with lightmaps off the grass will appear to bright compared to the rest so if you want the full seamless look run with lightmaps. There is nothing I can do about this, Dice's object is not quite perfect yet (hence why you do not see it in any default map) but I like to think I got it pretty good. License: Free to download, play, host and share. I ask only that this readme.txt file and references to the authors in the init.con files be kept intact and with the map. If you wish to convert it to a mod, be my guest but please let me know so I can download it ;) ( Author website:



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