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Already a Bananite? Login This is v3 of my first map. Map info: Map Name: aim_dust_rifles_v3 Map Type: AIM (Combat/Skill) Release date: January 3, 2009 Available Weapons: All rifles except sniper rifles, deagle, knife. Map Theme: Dust Map's Time of Day: Day Recommended/Maximum Players: 24 max Installation: Extract this file directly into your "maps" folder. ".../steam/steamapps/username/counter-strike source/cstrike/maps" I spent many many hours on v3. Tell me what you think! Please ignore my fps >_> My computer isn't that good.



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    Pros: Hey loldog,

    It's good to see that you are making progress with your map. I like that you are adding lots of new things and trying out some more advanced things in hammer. Here are a few things you are doing well:
    • It is good to see that you are starting to use multiple colors of lights. Different colors of lights will help you in later maps because you cant use one color for everything. It is good to see that you are branching out. I like that you made one side one color, and the other side another color. Its also cool that you added light sources to them.
    • I also like to see that you are starting to add props to your map. Props are a good way to add cover for players, and give good detail to a map. They are pretty much essential for when you are serious about mapping.

    Of course, there are a few things that I don't like, and I will state them below.
    • The exploding barrels really piss me off. When I was playing the map, I accidentally touched one and it brought me down to 50 health. This can get kind of annoying when you are trying to play the map and all of a sudden you kill yourself. Yes, they are a nice commodity, but they don't really serve a purpose.
    • The upper part of your map is still kind of blocky and dull. What you could do is make the top structures a little less blocky before you start on anything else. If you start adding more stuff before you address the big issues, you might forget about them.
    • The bottom area doesn't have enough cover for players down there and for players trying to enter. Players who are down there will have an easy time picking off the people who come down from above, but since they have so little cover, it will be easy for them to die as well. What you should do is add some more boxes, or pillars or another wall that blocks the view of the stairs from across the map and that allows players to safely enter the bottom area.
    • You need to add env_cubemaps otherwise your reflections will be all messed up. If you noticed, the car props you have are really shiny and unrealistic looking, and adding env_cubemaps will fix this. Here is a good tutorial for learning the basics on env_cubemaps. I suggest you add them right away.

    1. Remove the exploding barrels.
    2. Make the top less blocky
    3. Add more cover in the lower areas
    4. Add env_cubemaps

    Notes: Sorry for the delay on the assessment, I had a pretty busy week. Let me know if you have any comments or questions regarding my assessment.


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