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A fun map with a train crash in the middle.

A train crash down the middle. Two factories on each end. Flanked by sniper buildings. Thats the exctiting layout of this new and intense map! DeRailed! Named becuase the trains are of the rails! Therefore De Railed! ---------------- Features- Amazing HDR lighting 4 building you can go in and out 4 spawn points 4 buyzones 16 T spawns 16 CT spawns Its fun, its new, its original! Try it and asses it! You wont regret it!



  • 9y
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    Thanks for the assesment!

    i will try to even out my brushworks for the next beta. i will also try alligning the textures ( I obly see it in one spot though... in the sniper towers) And I guess I should do the skybox correctly. I dont know how i forgot to use the nodraw texture! I will definetally add it! Not sure about making it more realistic though... My whole plan was having the two factories on each end... but I might change it....maybe.

    Thanks for the assesment though!
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    Pros: Hey smurfers, sorry about the delay on your assessment, I had a lot of other stuff I had to do. Here goes:

    • I like the theme of this map. I would say that it is fairly original, and not make people have done this kind of thing. You did a pretty good job of adding detail to the map to bring it to life, and the addition of HDR was a nice touch.
    • It's good to see that you did the HDR correctly and it turned out great. Most mappers either forget to add env_cubemaps, or forget to build them and the map looks funny, but you did an excellent job of getting it to work. I like the reflections of the marble floors on the upstairs sniper part.

    Overall, you did a pretty good job with the map, but I found a couple of flaws that really took away from it.
    • You really need to work on your brushwork. I noticed that in a lot of places in your map, the walls weren't aligned properly and there were a lot of gaps that I noticed. What you should do, is do a 10-15 minute walk through of you map and look for places where the brushes aren't aligned. A few of the major places I noticed were the ceilings of the ramps leading up the the upper level.
    • Your texture alignment is not great either. I noticed a lot of places where the textures were all over the place in terms of alignment and they didn't look very good. What you should do if you find one of these places is open up the texture application window, select all the faces, and select 'treat as one'. This should align all textures that aren't right now.
    • You didn't do your skybox correctly. What you have currently is a skybox surrounding the entire map and this can lead to performance problems. Only have the skybox on the top part of the map, and it will improver performance and compiling times. Also, put a brush of nodraw under the displacements otherwise they will leak.
    • You should start applying the nodraw texture to any faces that the player cannot see while playing the map. This includes the outside of the map and edges of brushes that are being covered up. This will increase performance since players don't have to render those unseen sides.
    • Like another person said, your realism is really off in this map. The trains are enveloping each other and there is no way that they could have gotten into the map. What you should do is make the train cars not overlap so much, and make an entrance/exit so it makes it plausible that they got into the map.

    1. Fix up your sloppy brushwork.
    2. Fix up the texture alignment
    3. Optimize your skybox/displacements
    4. Start using nodraw on unseen surfaces
    5. Make it more realistic.

    Notes: Let me know if you have any comments or questions regarding my assessment.


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    Why I laggin?
  • 9y
    Smurfers119 avatar
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    772 points Ranked 5928th
    Lol I know... I wasnt exactly going for realism.
  • 9y
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    Looks ok but in terms of realism there is none, the trains are like floating in each other and the trains run into brick walls


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Member Joined 9y
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