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A Map for Team Fortress 2

Classic Donkeykong arcade level

Donkey Kong Final. In this map, you have to push Mario to the top of the map to save the princess. The map contains many custom meshes as well Mario replaces the standard payload object . The attacking team has to push Mario from the lowest level, similar to the classic Donkey Kong arcade. The attacking team also has one check point that will open up a new spawn room to help with the attack. The defending team has has a longer re-spawn time, longer spawn rooms, and has build restrictions in some areas of the upper part of the map. The map has been tested 15-15 several times, with the attacking team winning the game 60% of the time. Remember to check out the spectator camera while your waiting to spawn back in, and be careful of the Hammer!



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  • 9y
    I have a pretty decent video on this map I'd like to post.. if I may..
    [BG] Hubert
  • 9y
    Pros: Looks great, lots of nostalgia. Offers a unique twist on the payload map by going verticle. Both teams have the opportunity for quick strikes due to the view distance. Cons: "point being captured" glitch shown before. Improvements: See cons. Notes: Always good for a laugh whenever our server needs it. Almost everyone seems to love it.


  • 9y
    Vekter avatar
    Vekter Joined 10y ago
    416 points Ranked 10931st
    What a cool map. I liked playing this map, but there's a definite balance issue leaning towards Red, as they inherently have the high ground. I don't see any fixing it but maybe you can come up with something. Everything about this map is just beautiful. From the arcade machines in the spawn rooms to just how good the custom textures look, it's obvious you put a great deal of work into this map. Sadly, it would just seem the inclined nature of this map kind of breaks it, as I have NEVER seen BLU win. Regardless, this is a cool map and should be on at least everyone's RTV.


    GREEN IZ BEST avatar
  • 9y
    Rainbolt Dash avatar
    Rainbolt Dash Joined 9y ago
    702 points Ranked 7008th
    grang :-\ How you posted video on descr?
  • 9y
    pezhore avatar
    pezhore Joined 9y ago
    Pros: Holy Retro! The over sized 8bit Mario is a blast from the past. Gameplay is fast and allows great opportunities for Engies, demos, pyros, and snipers. Cons: The constant "Our control point is being captured" gets annoying after a while, as is the blue middle point problem. Improvements: Fix the middle point and the voice over (if possible. Lowering the respawn to ~12sec might be good as well. Notes: First found this on Necrophix, now I'm lobbying this to be put in rotation on my new Clan XIRP.


  • 9y
    E5Ky avatar
    E5Ky Joined 10y ago
    Pros: requires teamwork. other than that its donkey kong what more needs to be said. Cons: Can snipe from the red spawn. Red default respawn timer is 20 seconds ..If they are near that last point the respawn is far to long. Can push barrels around but they don't hurt you good if they did. Improvements: maybe have Donkey hurl some barrels at random. be nice to have some music maybe. Notes: This map is certainly worth checking out.


    Map Tester
  • 9y
    Acidpope avatar
    Acidpope Joined 10y ago
    308 points Ranked 13889th
    I UL this map to my server.. only a few ppl played this map in 2 weeks. Dunno why. But the funniest thing is when people on the map play and u go spec... good olde donkeykong revival :) looks funny. and i still love donkeylkong... good idea :) nice funmap :)
  • 9y
    I recently found this map and uploaded it to my clan's pub server. We've played it through about 10 times and here's some thoughts: +: Fun map. It kept our server full and we only had a couple moaning about it but that happens on most custom maps. Blu has won every time except once which is expected for a new map as the defenders haven't yet to nail down sentry positions. The small download size makes it a good map to switch to once the server is full. -: People think barrels rolling and for them to do damage to the Blu team only would be a good addition. I'm not sure how that would balance out or if it would significantly affect performance of the map. If small, jump-over-able barrels could be added, that might spice things up. ?: There are a couple of bugs: - Middle control point does not switch to Blu - The announcer constantly spams Red with "Our control point is being captured" whenever Blu touches the payload


  • 9y
    Pros: Looks like Donkey Kong Cons: Only a map worth goofing around on, which is fine, but not every class is viable. Which means that some people will be having fun, and others completely annoyed.
  • 9y
    hey you avatar
    hey you Joined 10y ago
    882 points Ranked 5716th
    Great Map! I think this was a great Idea. I havent played it with a full server yet, but it brings me back to my childhood. Also, If you like drinking beer, I highly suggest Its a great online show about beer.
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