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A spaceship hovering above the ground. Plenty of build space on the ship, and on the ground

This is planetfall. A new name and a new face. About three years ago i started on this map. I released it and it wasn't what i was aiming for. Three years later, and i think i hit the mark. ++Message Begins++ Is this thing on? Ahem. This is a tad embarrassing. Our latest flagship is powerless over a rebel town. The reactor core sort of fell out, spreading radiation among the populace. We have shelled the valley’s exits; there is no way to get in or out while we make repairs. I just hope the rebels either fled or have succumbed to the radiation. ++Message Ends++ So this is it. This is the way I wanted Planetfall to be but didn’t have the skill to go from brain to Hammer. A few bits ripped from maps that are never going to see the light of day. The town is from a flood map, the outpost, tunnel and a few other bits from a blackmesa part 2. And of course the ship is a rehashed Planetfall ship, with a new exterior and interior. It is a different idea and concept to the one done by Shadowsand. It is designed as a build map with a few things added for the hell of it. There *may* be a few secrets too. One ship, with a lock down mode and a couple of ways of entering the ship that don't include the doors. Two towns, one military base like and one street. Essentially it is a build map, the ship has a variety of hangers and build space, and the bottom has space for whatever. Welcome one and all...Welcome to Descent. --Readme-- Map designed and created by ironphoenix/darkphoenix (one and the same). Do not rehash without the afore mentioned users permission. PM me if you do wish to do any rehashing, or need permissions for anything else regarding the map. Kaffo and Ghost-19 had their part in 5 versions of beta testing and also prodded me into mapping life occasionally. Extract archive to garrysmod directory and enjoy.



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    I must say, i genuinly enjoyed this map.
    It is really big , has all kind of terrain (land,water,sky).
    the spawn village is quite nice but nothing special.
    You have lots of unused buildings,try turning them into functional buildings because only half of the houses there have a use.

    the base in the middle of the base was outstanding.
    Allot of great brushwork and good building placement.
    The only downside for me was the siren wich couldnt be shut off.

    now about the ship.
    It is fairly large and is (too) far up in the sky.
    There is a problem tough, i did not find anny way to enter it by foot (teleport,shuttle,elevator),
    so i tried making a plane but this turned out being usseles since you have to open the ship from inside .
    This way nocliping is mandatory.

    A downside to the map for me is the repetitive texturing. try using roling hills or maybe some different blend textures.

    Inside the spaceship you used some wrong textures,rock/tone textures to be precise, i doubt anyone would use this in a modern space craft

    The inside of the ship is quite large with allot of exploring to do.
    try making it a bit smaller and some less wide hallways so you dont notice that it is infact quite square.

    A map with allot of potential, keep up the good work and maybe try fixing some of the things i just pointed out.


    So we can post anything here? avatar
    So we can post anything here?
  • 9y
    Melonz avatar
    Melonz Offline
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    Not detailed enough description, screenshots.

    More detail then I will think abotu downloading
    Not for eating.
  • 9y
    MidnightKillah1 avatar
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    Looks great, I'm just wondering what the hell the thing over the map is, and what it looks like inside..
  • 9y
    Foohman avatar
    Foohman Offline
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    Can you upload some better screenshots?

    I don't want to download untill I have a better picture of what the map looks like.
    Dohoho! I saw what you did the


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