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Ctf_aerospace Beta 4 (ctf_aerospace_b3) Gametype: Capture the flag Players: 24-32 Author: Arthur "Arhurt" Bobany E-mail: arthur.bobany@gmail.com Version: beta 4 ___________________________________ Background Aerospace "The Government has issued a contract for the creation of the new line of combat planes that are to be the standard for the near future. Two rivalling companies, Red Aerospace and Blue Aviation, are now battling for the contract. After many months of lawsuits, legal actions and speculation, the The Government has decided to let both companies create a prototype, and has given advanced funding to both. At the end of the deadline, both prototypes will be analyzed and the best one fully produced, giving it's parent company will recieve the funding of a gazillion dollars for it. Unfortunately, the production must be carried out in a secret location, and both companies have been given one half of the terrain to estabilish their facilities. After many months of hard work, espionage and peeking over the walls, they each have their own prototype ready ahead of time. They could use this extra time to make their plane better, but stealing the opponent's blueprints and sabotaging their planes seems like a better option. And so their facilities have became a warzone." ___________________________________ Map description ctf_aerospace is a medium sized capture the flag map with emphasis in speed, team dynamics and acessible intel. Each base has a hangar with a "tower" in the back, where the Intel is located in the third floor. The Hangar and Intel room have plenty of different infiltration points so a very strong defense must be set up to prevent the enemy from getting to your Intel. The team must coordinate the attack and defense patterns to surprize the enemy and gain the upper hand. I hope you have fun with this map. Just watch out for the pits in the caves and you should be OK. ___________________________________ Changelog From beta 3 to beta 4 - Added a small building to the side of each hangar with ammo and health. - Closed off the path closest to the cliffside by the hangar yard forcing enemies to come by the front of it. - Created a small alcove for engineers in front of the Hangar with a Full ammo pack and cover to set up sentries outside. - Added a large ramp in front of the hangars to create more varied height gameplay in that area and provide more options for entering the hangar. - Added a narrow ramp from the lowest bridge across the chasm to it's roof so players have the option of going up the three paths there as well as going down. - Added cover behind the billboards atop the shacks. - Added a set of wood planks to the walkways across the chasm to help players manevour without jumping and falling down. - Added a small healthkit to the top of the main hangar to help the flying demoman for the great damage they take upon landing. - Added a set of props to the side of the spawn exit so that enemies will be less hidden when spawncamping. - Moved the planes inside the hangar so that there is more space for engies to place their teleport entrances hidden from enemies. - Bug fix: Neither the intel or Stickybombs will be able to hide behind the cliff rocks. The bombs will bounce off and stick to the ground until I find a better fix. - Bug fix: Players no more die instantly after falling down from the bridge in the chasm. It's still a deathpit, but there is a chance for a lucky double or rocket-jump. - Minor improvements to graphics all around and minor optmization.



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  • Bring back classic maps anyone? :D
  • Graffl avatar
    Graffl Joined 5y ago
    HELP! When i want to join my server it says: Missing Map maps/ctf_aerospace b4.bsp ,disconnecting PLEASE HELP ME!
  • jasonz777z avatar
    jasonz777z Joined 9y ago
    The map is MASSIVE. Being too CPU-intensive, it takes it from my favourite spot, but if I had a fantastic supercomputer, I'd love it, but spies... ohh the spies...
  • Pros: Amazing attention to detail... the skybox rocks, it is nice to see a fresh take on some classic TF2 style mapping!! Well done. cons: So much detail that combat becomes difficult with a group (gets very visually busy)... Spy is OP as well... a thousand corners to hide in and enough ammo lying around to stay cloaked forever... our clan spies are raping everyone else as we can never find them... :( changes: i would cut down on the free health and ammo to force some team play, and also lighten up on the details to lighten CPU/Video load a little, and to make it a little less visually busy. Over all, this is a very nice beta, and clan {TIA} looks forward to testing out any further development u may do. we are playing this version from time to time at: :27015 & if anyone wants to try it out with a group... we love the company!! =D
  • crit avatar
    crit Joined 10y ago
    This is far and away my favorite custom map, unfortunately the scout update revealed some serious problems with it. With the force-a-nature it is possible to jump off the cliff and survive. What it does is push you past the rocks and you fall to the bottom of the map, recieving minor fall damage. This can be insanely fun especially when you have other people doing it too. After a lot of testing my server found that soldiers and demos can reach the area too. Any class can actually if a pyro airblasts them off in the right area. What this means is that you can grab the intel jump off the cliff, where you can't really be shot either, and just spend the entire time there, degrading the game to nothing more than a grief fest. I'm sad to say the map has been taken off our server rotation because of this...I hop you update this soon.
  • Nightshde avatar
    Nightshde Joined 10y ago
    193 points Ranked 20290th
    Is there a final version of this? or have you stopped working on it.
  • Morax307 avatar
    Morax307 Joined 10y ago
    327 points Ranked 13767th
    Pros: Very original and beautiful map, you made the planes fly aswell!, its big (positive) and still got some complex areas such as the cave but mostly open spaces. Very well done! Cons: none Improvements: none Notes: I enjoy playing this map! :)


  • Begowatt avatar
    Begowatt Joined 10y ago
    Design: good Gameplay: the cavern is very dangerous Looks: big space Originality: very funny with planes


  • Number. avatar
    Number. Joined 10y ago
    61,799 points Ranked 62nd
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    I really love this map and I also think it's not getting the attention it need's to get. Only seen it on a few servers, and many of them had 0 players. It might be a bit too late to say this, but good job.


    Laddergoat, u so random. avatar
    Laddergoat, u so random.
  • SirBarney avatar
    SirBarney Joined 10y ago
    I wonder what's with the next version, wiil it become a final version or still remain in beta phase? In fact i played it a lot and didn't find a single issue even the slightest one, great work!




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