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A Map for Alien Wave

This is a one of my best maps ever ! It's very fun and you need a lot of teamplay to survive ! A squad of the HCCU is blocked in a parking and the airfoce is gonna bombarding the area who is infested of aliens ! The only way for humans to survive is to open a main door via a little control pannel, to go to the sector 2, to close again the main door by the control pannel of the area 2 and keep the sector 2 clear until the area is completly destroyed. Map by Bioko - Alien Wave mod leader Website : http//



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    Pros: The layout of this map is very nicely done and well balanced, This map has some good lighting, it contributes to the theme of this map and makes the map stand out more, good job on this. I like the theme you showed here and the way the map is presented with the lighting, brushwork, and layout all in sync, makes me feel like i'm in an underground parking lot. Lights with props are used instead of plain floating orbs Cons: Some rooms lack detail, could use some touch ups. map is a little too opened spaced A bit blocky in some areas, like in some rooms. Props not belonging where they should, there's a car in that small room( lawl) Not really any more than whats mentioned above. Door isn't fully placed into the wall, it stick out a bit. Improvements: Round your corners so your buildings don't look so blockly. Add some more cars? Notes: good work, I'd like to see more maps by you in the future! I liked the general Idea and technique used to make the theme.


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    Pros: OMG!!it rly need teamplay to survive xD The best AW map?(maybe)*-* Cons: I am the only 1 who plays AW(and my 3 friends xD) =( Notes: I am very happy with ur AW maps :D And this 1 is awesome \o/


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