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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

Awesome map.

A fun AIM map. Has HDR lighting for a great effect! Perfect fun for a large amount of players!



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    Thanks for the assements guys! -I will try to fix HDR or take it out completely... -Defiantly change flashing lights.... -Make It so players cannt jump out -and use no_draw textures... Thanks guys! P.S. Could you do me a favor and asses my other map too? Thanks guys!
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    Pros: Well, I'm going to have to agree with dragger on this one. It's nice to see that you tried HDR because it is somewhat hard to do, and hard to master the effect of it. They layout for the most part seems nice and the players have multiple directions to go and a few places to camp. Lighting in the open top part looks good, and everything is well lit. Cons: Here goes:
    • You NEED to get rid of the flashing lights in the bottom part. They look terrible and they hurt the players eyes. I couldn't even go in there when I was testing it because the flashing was too much. Players wont even use this area if you keep the flashing.
    • You need to add env_cubemaps to keep that weird glow off of you weapons. Check out this handy tutorial on adding and building cubemaps. Be sure to build them otherwise they wont work!
    • Since dev textures have no special HDR properties, it is pointless to use HDR in a map with them. All it really does is kill your frame rate and if you compiled without it, you could easily get 60 more fps.
    • I think the overall layout is kind of plain. You should try adding some boxes, props, or even decals to add a bit more detail to you map.
    • I don't think that the player has enough cover in parts of the map. What you should do is add some more boxes around to help give the players some cover.
    • Like dragger said, players can jump outside the map. You should make the skybox on the very edge of the map so player have not chance of jumping off it.
    • You should learn how to use nodraw. The tools/toolsnodraw texture should be applied to any brush face a player cannot see. You would apply this too all the textures on the outside of the map. It would boost performance at no cost of detail in the map. Use the texture application tool but make sure you don't put it on any faces the player can see. It will look all funny and can easily be avoided.
    Improvements: For the most part, fix the terrible lighting, and add cubemaps and more detail. Notes: Let me know if you have any comments or questions regarding my assessment.


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  • You tried to add HDR to your map, what most mappers don't spend time on. But the effort is too weak, sry.
  • Cons:
  • Wtf is wrong with the lighting? Your gun is shining too hard and also on the places where there should be shadow , the gun is flashing. The flashing lights indoor are ... terrible ! 1) They come out of the ground without any prop 2) They are an attack on the player's eyes.
  • You can get behind the map. Fix this with adding invisible walls (invis texture).
  • Improvements:
  • No flashing lights (or improve them!).
  • Yet another boring texture map... Make something special of it so players will actually play it!
  • Fix HDR , fix HDR and fix HDR please ! It looks horrible
  • Notes: Maybe you think my critic isn't correct or want to tell me something so i get the idea more clear. If so , please do it! Grtz, Matrix


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    U only live once


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