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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

A small map with a dust-like theme and a small cs_italy-like market in the middle

This map is a reworked version of aim_tg_dustland that lost kindly helped me with! It's again made for the Tragedy Gaming clan's aim and cal rotation server that can be found here: I added a "construction" zone and a lot of decals, also a few props, i moved the tables onto the ground because they were slightly up. Also, i fixed the leak in the other version of the map and optimized it slightly. sorry about the quality of the video and the lack of sound, I'm still learning how to move videos from css to youtube and it's my first time using adobe premiere elements



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    Hi BoogleandFoogi
    You really have done some good work on this map. I teasted it and found that this map has great potential. Your prop choices and placements are excellent. You picked a theme and did a good job sticking to it. I like the way you implemented the vent passageway and the scaffold that you made. I would like to make a couple suggestions. 160x120Have you considered maybe adding a couple ladders to the map? The map is kind of small "nothing wrong with that" and I think adding some ladders would allow players to use more of the map. The photo to the left is just an example of what I was talking about. Keep in mind that this is only a suggestion. 160x120You did some really nice displacement work on parts of your map. If you take a look at the photo on the right you will see where I feel that you could improve on some areas. You did a really good job on the lower parts of the rock formations but failed to carry over that great work to the top portion of the outer walls. 160x120In this next photo to the left you will see an example of where the use of tools/nodraw would greatly help optimize your map. What I like to do is make the brush and texture the whole brush with nodraw then come back and texture only the faces of the brush that will be seen by players during gameplay. Click here for a good tutorils on tools/nodraw.
    Final Notes:If you decide to add a few ladders to your map you will have to use the playerclip in some areas, but remember that the ladders are just a suggestion and have no bearing on the assessment score. You show some really nice skills and I think this map is definitely a keeper.


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