A Map for Duke Nukem 3D

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A rather small singleplayer map with co-op and dukematch support.

THIS LEVEL IS NEITHER MADE BY OR SUPPORTED BY 3D REALMS. Title : City of Despair Filename : Author : Thobias "Loke" Fast E-mail : Web Page : N/A Misc. Author Info : N/A Other Levels : Crossroads, Ginnungagap Description : Alien scumbags has invaded yet another (small) city and it's up to Duke to clear it out and kill their Overlord. A rather small singleplayer map with co-op and dukematch support. Please remember though that it's designed as a singleplayer map and might not be the best for dukematching. And as this is my first singleplayer map there is bound to be some things that could be better. Credits : Neil Manke for USS Darkstar Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing by Stellar Stone LLC and Activision * Play Information * Episode and Level # : E1M8 Single Player : Yes DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes Cooperative 2-8 Player : Yes Difficulty Settings : Yes Plutonium Pak Required : Yes New Art : No New Music : No New Sound Effects : No New .CON Files : Yes Demos Replaced : No * Construction * Base : Nothing, designed from scratch. Level Editor(s) Used : Mapster32 Art Editor(s) Used : None Construction Time : About 9 days. Known Bugs/Problems : You can place invisible trip mines on the walls in the dark sloped room just before very last room with the nuke button. *Important Information* Installation : Just put the .map file and the GAME.CON file into your EDuke32 folder. You might need to create a new Duke Nukem 3D folder with the .GRP file considering that I'm using a edited GAME.CON file. Important Notes : You probably want to use EDuke32 to play this map. To play just launch EDuke32 like normally, then go into "New Game" and "Usermap". Finally just find the map named "" and then choose your difficulty level. Enjoy. Please remember that I designed this AFTER the classic 8-bit mode so it might not always look like it should in OpenGL mode or using the High Resolution Pack. Contact me if you wish to use this as a base for a map or just for editing upon. DO NOT edit it WITHOUT contacting me first!



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    Looks cool, my dad is telling me how awesome this game was and how much he was playing it when it came out, lol! :D
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Development Info

Mapster32 used for designing the map. Originally was designed to be a large singleplayer map with lots and lots of explosions - however as development went on it became more serious and, shall I say, better. There's still plenty of explosions found in the map however, such as a completely destructable building!


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