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A Map for Duke Nukem 3D

A rather medium to small sized Dukematch city level with various places to visit.

THIS LEVEL IS NEITHER MADE BY OR SUPPORTED BY 3D REALMS. Title : Crossroads Filename : Author : Thobias "Loke" Fast E-mail : Web Page : N/A Misc. Author Info : N/A Other Levels : This is my first map. Description : A city level with two large and wide roads crossing each other (thus the name ;) ), with a crack in the road in the middle together with a hotel with two rooms and a magazine store. Recommended player limit is about 3 to 4. Could be higher but then there's the risk that it might become a bit too hectic. * Play Information * Episode and Level # : N/A Single Player : No DukeMatch 2-8 Player : Yes Cooperative 2-8 Player : No Difficulty Settings : No Plutonium Pak Required : Yes New Art : No New Music : No New Sound Effects : No New .CON Files : No Demos Replaced : No * Construction * Base : Nothing, designed from scratch. Level Editor(s) Used : Mapster32 Art Editor(s) Used : None Construction Time : Constructing it all in one took about 5 days, but I didn't work on it day after day so realistically speaking it took maybe 3 to 4 weeks. Known Bugs/Problems : The doors may behave a bit uneasy at times. Mostly they'll flicker on and off and disappear when you open them. No idea how to fix that, sorry. The maintenance door leading to the hotel may crush you. So always be on your toes when opening that darn thing. It's possible to go right through the ventilation shafts without actually destroying the grates. *Important Information* Installation : Just put the .map file into your EDuke32 folder. Important Notes : I've only played using the classic 8-bit mode so I'm not positive if it's gonna look good using the High Resolution Pack. EDuke32 is recommended, at least that's what I've used for playing. Contact me if you wish to use this as a base for a map or just for editing upon. DO NOT edit it WITHOUT contacting me first!




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I used Mapster32 when designing the map. No much thought went into it as I just had a rough idea in my head and built upon it.
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