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Redition of Unreal Tournament map CTF_Face.

This is a map I created as a tribute to one of the best Unreal Tournament maps, CTF-Face. It is not an exact replica, but the towers are very close. There is also an added basement for those who do not enjoy sniping. This map is designed for all out battle, sniping up top and close combat down underneath. Every weapon can be utilized on this map. It has been designed for up to 64 players, but not restricted to that. Enjoy the map, and please relay any critisism, suggestions or adivce. As well, feel free to suggest any ideas for future maps. Thanks a lot, Donut.



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    Hey Donot

    I see you made another new map. Way to go man. There are a few things that i would like to bring to your attention. I really love the architectural design of the castles. The castles look sweet inside and out. Great vision. However, after testing the map, I seen some rather peculiar and unusual images. I took the liberty to de-compile your map to get to the root cause, so I hope you don't mind. It was purely for feedback purposes only.
    I was able to find why the textures on the castle kept changing. As you can see in the picture below, I took a screenshot of one of the castles in 3D flat view.

    When you see a single brush with multiple colors it indicates that there is something not right. I found that you have double brushes with two different textures. There is a brick texture just under the preferred texture. So obviously you will want to go back and delete all the brick brushes.

    Also as NOSOUL mentioned the displacement work need some attention. In this next photo you will see where you made a displacement but didn't quite implement it properly.


    You need to remember that when you make a displacement, you should always make the brush in the nodraw texture, then before you create the displacement just highlight the faces that will be seen ingame and not the whole brush. Now would be a good time to practice using the paint alpha on your face edit sheet. Here is a very good tutorial on displacements.

    The skybox should re-sized and fitted closer to the outer walls so players don't fall off the map as NOSOUL also mentioned. That's an easy one, lol.

    I personally feel you could add some more props around the outer grounds to provide some cover for the players.
    And just so you know, you dont have to add a info_player_start into your map. Its really not necessary but its up to you.

    Final notes: Well Donut, you show great promise,talent and skill. Its just a matter of learning some of these techniques and implementing them into your maps. Again, the castles look awesome, you did a really good job with the design, you just need to correct some structural errors.

    Great Effort


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    Pros: Well, I love how much detail you put into the towers. They really have that UT style and look really good. I like how you put fire on top of them, that was a nice addition. I like how there are more than just 2 areas to the map. There is a top area for long range weapons, and the lower area for more close quarters combat. Good job with that. I also like the different color lights you used to indicate what side you were on, good thinking with that.
    Cons: While this is a good map, there are a few things that need to be fixed/changed.
    • I don't think you made the displacements the right way. If you spectate and go under the map, you can see this big block of the nodraw texture and that doesn't look very good. Remember you only want to make one side of a brush into a displacement, otherwise it will cause sewing and lighting errors.
    • The skybox is kind of boring. You maybe could have done this in the middle of a crater and have plumes of file coming up everywhere. You should also add a custom sky texture. I recommend looking for one here They are easy to install and use, but don't forget to use pakrat to embed the file into the BSP so other people can see it. Let me know if you want me to explain more.
    • The smoke you used for the teleporters seems to drop the frame rate a bit in some places and while this isn't a big issue, but it's something you might want to look into.
    • Make a wall around the lower part so players don't just off into the skybox. It would be cool if you added a wall with maybe some lava textures in it, make it feel more like UT.

    Improvements: Add more detail to the landscape and skybox. Make a wall for the lower part, and fix the displacements.
    Notes: Let me know if you have any comments or questions regarding my assessment. Good job on the map!


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    Could have had a custom sky box, i remember this map, in the middle of the passage way (with the rocks) THeres a slit and other ways to go through the middle. I dont not remember the paggage in the middle of the rocks.


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