A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

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A fun aim map

This map is fun! download it and BTW it was made in 2 days! a video



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    Logan Dougall
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    A Nice snowy little structure, quite nicely designed, excellent use of Dev textures, I could only spot two instances of the railing texture being misaligned but nothing big.

    The snow effect is a big plus to the map, really gives it a good first impression and works really well with the soundscape you have too.

    The brushwork on your main central structure is very well done, good theme going there.

    I'm not sure why you didn't continue them to the other buildings as in comparison they are rather plain and blocky, also proper lighting within them would improve the map as they are too dark once your inside them.

    oh, and I can walk through your barrels on the top, only the one below on the crate I can't.

    And you may want to check the properties of the physboxes next time as they all sound like cinder blocks except for that middle one which does give a proper metal sound and gibs.

    The stairs on your level however are not right, they are made as perfect blocks in yours and the textures are not properly aligned on them as they missmatch. The main point here is that they don't go on 45 degree angles, you want a good ratio between the rise and run, common values are 4:6, 5:8 and 6:9 - As long as your within that sort of proportion than they will look like normal stairs :P

    The outside areas of your map are lacking some needed attention :( it just ends with a fence and no thought was really given to their placement.

    Oh, and maybe try a higher power on the displacements to smooth them out a bit as some are quite sharp on the edges.

    The 3D skybox is a good touch, just next time select those tree models and disable the shadows given from then so it will look better :P did the same with a few of mine in the past.


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Hammer, pakrat v.95, photoshop

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