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Little town

Put the folder @ C:\.....Steam\SteamApps\Your_Account\counter-strike\cstrike\maps



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    An Industrial themed map is always nice, I'm not too fond of mixing CSS Content with Combine Technology though, doesn't mix well outside of HL2.

    The levels well thought out, good placement of props and skybox details. Good number of spawns for a map this size.

    Lighting and use of Lightspots is very well done, good contrast but could still be made a bit better by lowering the lightmap scale more to create more crisp shadows.

    Theres also a few issues with the map, first being that those buildings outside the map should be replaced with the much more friendly 3Dskybox versions to improve performance on all computers and allow people the choice to render it at all if they can't handle those detailed models.

    Also, you have a small puddle around the APC there, but its extending all the way back to the spawn area, this water is still being rendered as the ground is nothing but a displacement, everything behind a displacement is rendered as they don't block VVIS. So some more performance drain happens there.

    Adding some more details to the walls as well would go a long way, the texture already adds some variety to them so extruding those sections would help emphasis it more.

    Of course, a touch more cover along sides and in the middle to make those tactical paintball like players happy.

    Any sort of soundscape would improve this maps score a lot - a city one preferably. Right now itsjust dead silence so I'm not sure why you added that criteria.


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    Pros: Well, I like the look of this map a lot. I love the sounds, the lighting, and your use of displacements. You did a very good job with them. I also love the skybox, it makes you feel like you are really there. You did a very good job with props and they add a nice feeling to the map. Your use of light_spot's really make the map look good and really complete the industrial city look of the map.
    Cons: Well, I have just a few complaints:
    • When you are looking into the middle of the map, the frame rate drops a whole bunch and that's why I docked you a few points in that category.
    • The middle of the map is kind of sparse. You should add some brush based objects to enhance gameplay and frame rate
    • There is a very limited selection of weapons. Maybe you should add buyzones so players can choose what they want to shoot with.

    Improvements: Improve the gameplay, and frame rate.
    Notes: Let me know if you have any comments or questions regarding my assessment. I hope this helped!


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