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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

Inspired by geek_pacman, and pacman in general. All brushwork is my own creation, sans the letters which are a product of Chrazini's Beautiful Letters v2.



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    Its a pretty standard Pacman layout map, nothing too different from others but its good to see that you went with rounded corners rather than base blocks as many others have. Dev Textures are okay here but some real or possibly custom textures would look better considering the theme you went with. Lighting used here is nice and bright, always good in GunGame Maps. Keep that in mind with future projects :P people like to see what they are shooting afterall.
    There are some issues with the map though, the first one I noticed was texture alignment, you have many textures misaligned. Example can be seen below: oh, and this is not the proper way to do stairs, I see this time and time again within the ZM section and I wish people would stop, stairs do not go at perfect 45 degree angles, The rise and run of the stair are different, the run is always longer, some common values would be 4:6, 5:8 and 6:9 - As long as your within that sort of proportion than they will look like normal stairs :P Also you should try to make sure that your geometry matches up, you have a small gap between the outer wall and the building structure on both sides of your map, this will not help VVIS at all, just unnecessary calculations really. That other small space also on the building towards the middle of the level is odd to have, its only good to shoot through as its too small to allow players to pass. Either completely blocking it off or making it larger would help keep movement though the map as there are some very small chokepoints on this map and the more paths you can have the more enjoyable the playing experience.


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