A Map for Team Fortress 2

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A ctf 2fort style map that takes place near some docks.

Place in the following directory: C:\Program Files\Steam\steamapps\yoursteamnamehere\team fortress 2\tf\maps



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    The download link is broken.
  • 9y
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    In response to E5Ky :
    Wow, i would really like to see that trick, have your tester post a vid of this. Even with sv_cheats set to 1 and noclip turned on you can't go from one intel cap located inside each base to the other flying thru walls in 3 seconds much less as a demo sticky jumping between the two. I'm not disputing you i would just like to see proof of this exploit. The map was extensively tested with around 10-14 players and we never had an opportunity to pull off something like that.
    As I said I would really like to see this 3 second exploit, especially in a server with more than the one demo all by himself bouncing around :) .....
    I will say this, you can demo jump from the outside of one base to the other with a well placed sticky.... but you can also do that in 2Fort as well.... I just do not see how it's possible for you to jump from inside one base at the intelligence, which is the cap point and in 3 seconds land inside the other teams base somehow at their intelligence....just seems a bit far fetched.
    Without some solid proof of this...well its just here say and rumor.

    Thanks for you input and i eagerly await your reply and hopefully a link to a video of this as well.

    In response to CaffeinePowered :

    The clipping is fine in the map trust me.... first complaint of this yet :)
    especially the halls to the battlements, they were setup that way so as to allow spies to move left or right to hide and allow the enemy team to move past.
    I appreciate your brief tutorial on clipping but im fully aware of how and where to clip thanks.

    The bridge has gaps for a reason, several experienced players who use the soldier have no problem hitting the boards on the bridge to rocket jump.
    I can see this being a problem for novice players but its an exceptable setup from all i have received feedback from.

    The ladders....
    well yeah i can see the bit of confusion here i must agree players might go up to them and attempt to use them only to find they dont work, but you know what they say... if at first you dont succeed give up...lol

    Thanks for your input...

  • 9y
    E5Ky avatar
    E5Ky Offline
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    Pros: Decent map. The map seems stable and worth a dig.
    Cons: One of our testers alerted us to the fact that he can demo jump from intel to intel cap and vice versa in 3 seconds with ease.
    Improvements: see cons. need to adress this
    Notes: still testing further. Others have compared it to 2 fort I think its individual enough not to be compared. Heard mention of confusion in water and not being able to navigae easily. After one round I found it was pretty straight fwd. No issues with map layout other than unbalanced demo class


    Map Tester
  • 9y
    CaffeinePowered avatar
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    Pros: Very well detailed, good layout, fun to play.

    Cons: Some areas feel a bit 'busy' maybe cut back on some props.

    Work on clipping, especially the stairs and the hallways, theres a lot of stuff to get stuck on. For the stairs add triangular shaped clips so in hammer it looks like a ramp, but when rendered in game it looks like stairs.

    The halls to the battlements with support beams, add triangular clips so players dont get stuck on them.

    Last but not least, the bridge across, because of the gaps, you cant effectively rocket jump up from it.

    Improvements: Work on clipping issues, and fix that issue with the bridge.

    Either ditch the ladders or make them work, players kept going up to them and getting confused when they didn't work.

    Notes: Nice work


  • 9y
    eggy2125 avatar
    eggy2125 Offline
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    Looks like a better V of 2Fore :)
  • 9y
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    Lol those two "shields" on each dock provide excellent cover for engineers..... I smell domination by engineer in our near future. I've run around the map a little, has nice structure, and is well laid out in my opinion. Great work.


    You, citizen, come with me. avatar
    You, citizen, come with me.
  • 9y
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    Looks sortof like an interesting twist on 2fort. Looking forward to giving this a try.
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