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Just another map, aim spam temple.

Heres my first ever Aim map, brought to you by Spam Studios. This is a fairly simple map, but I think I did well. Tell me what you think of it and what I could do to improve this map. Also, if you have any ideas for future maps I'm willing to talk to you about it, so just send me a PM.



  • 9y
    [AWP] Kamikaze avatar
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    Pros: The layout is nice. Having ramps near the spawn helps make the gameplay go a little smoother. I like texture maps and yours happens to be one of them.
    Cons: You've got a handful of flaws that really mess with this map.

    1. The textures are as basic as can be. If you're going to make a map that is a step up from others, then at least use some decent textures.
    2. Your lighting is kind of shitty. It seems too bright, and it looks poor.
    3. The skybox is default. I'm sure you can conjure up something that looks a lot better than this.
    5. Most of the brushwork sucks. The large ramps seem a bit too big, too long and too blocky. The walls are jagged and oddly shaped.
    6. It looks like you threw this together in a few seconds.
    Improvements: Work on fixing some of the cons. Mess with the lighting, add a 3d skybox and work on your brushes. In the future you should consider adding props to your map, as they usually help a lot with the looks.
    Notes: As you can see, your critique almost fits your map exactly. I know Combat/ Skill maps play differently, so props would be stupid, as would trying to make the map visually stunning like a regular css map. GG is the same way, you need to have good game play with good framerates. 3d skyboxes slow lesser computers, and adding detail to these types of maps actually subtracts from the game play.

    Why be cool with your map, yet point out flaws on my map that are clearly not intended for the map/ gameplay. The only real things I got from YOUR feedback where the vis leaks. Everything else was hypocritical .


    ...Game Time... avatar
    ...Game Time...
  • 9y
    Pros: Looks reasonably well done
    Cons: for a box. Its pretty much nothing.
    Improvements: Maybe to something that makes it interesting in some way.


  • 9y
    xeroFirebaby avatar
    Member Joined 10y
    Nice square map lol, and yes it doesnt look like a tempel rofl xD
    The Pie


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