A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

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The Death Star of Star Wars

A finalized version of my Death Star map. Everything I need to say, was said in the details of the beta I posted. Some notes: 1. This is not, I repeat NOT a final version, I will update it sometime in the future with new/improved stuff. 2. I added 1 bombsite, in case you want to play DE. 3. It's not perfect, there are a few minor mistakes. I'm not the best mapper out there. 4. No HDR due to the textures I used (They look really messed up with HDR and I'm not skilled at doing HDR). 5. It's a big map, almost 30mb uncompressed (4mb archived). 6. I did not use anything to lock the map from being decompiled, I just hope I won't regret this. So please, if you do decompile it, do it for good intentions, don't steal it. In the future when I do update, I am hoping to replace some textures. I had an idea, and pictures of the textures I wanted to use from Half-Life 2, but for the life of me I could not find them. Also, no, I won't be using custom textures that match the Death Star, sorry, I don't do textures. Maybe if I can dig up some good enough textures I'll use 'em. I was surprised I was the first to make a Death Star map for Counter-Strike: Source. Final note; I was going to release a navigation mesh for the map for bots, but I decided against that, because when I tested the beta with bots, it sucked, it's not a bot map, and it would take the better part of forever to make the navigation mesh.



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Development Info

VALVe Hammer Editor was used 100% to make this map. Inspiration came from my life-long interest and love of Star Wars. The original floor design was a sketch I made from Star Wars: Battlefront 2, once it got too complicated to sketch, I used Pandemic's Zeroedit map editor to see the map in full 3D and worked from there.

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