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Welcome to King of the flag! For a prefab of this MOD follow this link -> FPSB Prefab For an IN-DEPTH Tutorial on how to map for this mod, follow this link -> FPSB Tutorial WHAT HAS SCIENCE DONE?!?! It appears a massive companion Cube has crash landed in the middle of our northern missle development base. To think, a few hours ago Red + Blue were working together...but the campanion Cube didn't just destroy some of their facility, it seems to have brought a secret with it! It's every man for himself! Grab the suitcase and hold it to win! Beware, only 1 person from either team can hold it, so get ready to become hunted.. and become KING of the flag! This map was the base map for this mod release. It was the 1st finished and is mean to show the "grand scale" that this mod can be played on. This is a fast paced map which appears deceivingly like a sniper map, once you get on the ground though.. you'll realize snipers can't see too much. But even with all the clutter, tracking that flag isn't too hard. The trail is your key. As a final note: there is a secret under the cube. you'll have to swim down there to see it. :) EDIT: UPDATE -- Sunday Sept 28th:
A fairly large bug was found in the mod which prevented the flag from capturing when a second round was started. If you've downloaded this map before 9:00pm on sept28th you'll need to download the new version. A version suffix has been added to this map for easy download of the new version for players. It is not recommended you run earlier versions of this map.
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    Team Fortress Karts
    Ever since I saw sn_huntingseason, I wished to see a real normal map made like this.

    Since all the ktf maps seem to be using the same prefab, they all seem to have the same problems...

    Some design notes:

    1. It'd be nice if the cap were actually designed more like sn_huntingseason, which I believe actually displays a round timer. http://gamebanana.com/maps/125357

    It also calls it intelligence instead of australium.

    2. This is especially annoying in 1v1, but you can't pick up the intel immediately after killing an enemy holding it and have to wait for it to respawn. I think the dynamic of sn_huntingseason is a lot more fun because you can grab it on the spot. That's also how rocket jump basketball works.

    3. The visual clutter created by that trail isn't good for normal gameplay, I think it's better to use the full body outline option on the flag. http://imgur.com/a/b3drH
    I am an impossibility.
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    Pros: Good idea, good design. Cons: The flag takes too long to cap, most games take so long that everyone loses interest. If the scores were 12-15 at the end instead of 1-0 it would be a lot more fun. Improvements: Make cap faster


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    Posted by XeonBAMF Cons: When you use the ramps to top the cube the fall takes away some health.
    Actually I've found that if you land in just the right spot you don't get hurt by the fall. Just takes some practice.
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