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A Map for Counter-Strike: Source

Just a basic map I've made =) This map is made for people who, possibly went out for a few days, and want to re-have the aim back. Just practice it against those crapy things and get your aim now! Possible weapons: Mp5navy M4a1 Ak47 Awp Deagle Glock Usp Want more weapons? Sv_Cheats 1 Give weapon_(item) Have Fun Hope this will be usefull =)



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    Pros: Simple and Fun... Simple and fun brings a lot to the table in this map. For example the layout of the map is simple but fun in every way possible. The Extra detail to the nice metal sides on the doors and windows add a nice touch the map giving it more of an appeal to it then without it. The weapon choices in the map vary on whether you are good with those weapons but none of that really matters, it's all about having fun with what you got. The lighting in the map is yet again simple but very intreging , allowing the player to see were they are going and also at the same time allows the player to see whats in-store for him around the corner. The texture choice for this map is a simple "Yes", meaning all the textures fit perfectly in the world with mistake about it. The possible idea of having a aiming range for noob'ish players or people that haven't played in a long time is pretty nice. That give's the people on the server something to do while their waiting for someone to join or is just tired of woning everyone on the server.:D Cons: none Improvements:
  • A bit more props or some more varity in the areas would be a nice touch to this map. Notes: A great map that protrades fun and friendly when it comes to hanging and shooting with friends. The gameplay and design and all other aspects of this map are very well made. Great job on this map and keep up the good work.:D




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